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6 Ways To Make Cash Fast For Your Holiday Travels

6 Ways To Make Cash Fast For Your Holiday

6 Ways To Make Cash Fast For Your Holiday Travels

You need a break, a holiday to explore the world, to find your feet, to relax, to party, to meet new people, but you’re stunted with the worries of how you will fund it. After the initial excitement of toying with the idea of going away, being somewhere outside of the same old town, tasting a new cuisine or relaxing by the ocean, there is a fear that halts your fantasy. This fear is money. But what if there were solutions to your money problems and ideas to make cash fast, would you use them? Let’s find out. Below are 6 ways for you to raise money quick to travel with your girls on that road trip, samba with your partner in Brazil, stroll through central park in New York or dip your toes in the Caribbean sea. Use some of the below legitimate ways to make cash fast for your holiday travels and get you on that next flight to incipe vivere.

Sell Something

An obvious option, but nonetheless often overlooked, is to sell some things and make some quick cash to pop in your holiday piggy bank. Use craigslist, eBay (but be mindful of the fees and charges), Facebook or declutter etc. You are not limited to these, there are plenty of others, so explore online, and advertise your possessions on as many sales channels as possible to improve the likelihood of your things reaching a wider audience and selling faster. All you need is a phone or camera to take a few clear snapshots of anything you no longer need or use, type a little description (including usage, wear and tear, measurements) and then just post it online. Have a little mooch around your house and pop a few things you don’t use in a basket. Look at your more significant items like furniture too, that may no longer be of any use to you. Another overlooked goldmine for quick cash are the things you store in the attic or basement. There will be things stored here you never knew you had. Anything from electronics, DVD’s, cd’s, clothes, costumes (especially with Halloween approaching), games, ornaments, trinkets, even jewelry, you don’t want it? Someone else will. Aside from selling online you can always make a yard sale and sell your possessions to locals. Either way this is easy fast cash for you to make to build up a pot of money for your travels.

Uber Driving

If you’re working full time in the day or looking after little ones, you could try using the evenings and weekends to make some extra cash by becoming an Uber driver (basically a taxi driver). There are a few requirements such as being at least 21, holding a full driving licence and owning a vehicle. If you’ve ticked the boxes for each of these, it’s worth exploring this option, there are plenty of details available on the Uber site. With flexible working hours and weekly pay, you could pick up extra cash in just 7 days. The added bonus is there’s no boss or workplace to report to, you are the boss. If you’ve got the resources, give it some thought, I certainly think a holiday is worth doing some Uber driving for.

Be An Extra

Such an exciting idea, and one that doesn’t require a long-term commitment, you can get the nod to pose as an extra in a tv programme or film and receive cash a few days later. Not only are you experiencing something a little different and out there, but you’re also racking up extra money for your getaway, totally worth it. Browse to get an idea of a few opportunities, to see if anything tickles your fancy, there are ample opportunities online, you just need to go ahead and look.

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Rent A Room

There is a possibility to make extra money quickly if you have a spare room or two free. Chances are your room is collecting dust, maybe the odd coat or two, or unwanted furniture. So why not advertise it online and rent out the place for people who want to visit your town. You can easily promote your room on Airbnb, you just need to make sure it’s picture ready, presentable and clean for new guests. Add a little description of the room, how many people you are happy to stay, and if they can use the facilities in your house. Try to offer any local knowledge and advice on cool and interesting spots in your town to visit. Beyond making money, you will benefit in other ways from renting a room because you will meet new people who are travelling and perhaps even gain some advice on how and where you could travel next. Perhaps even opting to use a site like airbnb yourself to cut down on accommodation costs the next time you travel. If you have a spare room it’s difficult to make excuses not to consider renting it out as an option and building up more funds for your trip away. With the amount of money you’ll be making from these fast cash tips you may even be able to save towards a trip of a lifetime.

Pet Sitting

Another flexible source of income to work around your work/study/family commitments is to think about whether dog walking or pet sitting could work for you. If you adore pooches and pets, the extra company could be quite appealing. Perhaps you’re thinking about having your own pet in the future, and this can also help you figure out what type of dog you might like. There are plenty of sites online to sign up to become a pet sitter. It’s like babysitting but with pets. So long as you feed, water and play with them, they’ll be happy, the owners will be happy, and you’ll be rewarded with cash. Start by signing up to a site like pet, upload an approachable picture of you, why you would be good for the position, the experience you might have, how much you love pets, and there you have it.  A possible new source of income while minding cute pets. There are worse things you could do.


Recycle Old Phones

Most of us have at least one phone lying around somewhere stuck in a drawer, that we’ve forgotten about or felt too precious about it to sell it. The fact is if you’re not using it, there’s no benefit in keeping it. So why not consider recycling the unused phone and getting a bit of cash for it. There are sites online where you can easily value your phone, they’ll offer you an amount, you send it off in the post, and they send you the money by bank transfer on receipt of the phone, easy. By doing this, you’ve turned something that has little value to you, exchanged it for money and put it towards something with great value, a new experience and new memories to cherish, your holiday!


These are just a few ideas that can help boost your income quickly, all by using resources you already have. If you’re still feeling a little stuck, and need an amount equivalent to your payday to help you on your travels, you could consider applying for a online installment loan (payday loan). It’s quick to apply, could be in your account in 2-3 business days, and there is a low refusal rate on application. You can read more information about this online. Only consider payday loans on the basis you can and will pay back the money within the term specified. Because although holidays are all fun and adventure and we latinas totally deserve it, what we don’t deserve at the end of it is debt spiraling out of control. So if this does appear to be your only option, have a plan in mind to pay the loan off, before applying for a payday loan. Now go and make some money, travel to wonderful places and disfruta la vida.

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