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Latina Wanderlust: Meet Zenaida Rodriguez


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Today, we are launching an ongoing series: Latina Wanderlust. Each month you will get to know different ladies from our community and her point of views about traveling solo, as a latina and more. Meet Zenaida Rodriguez! She is a 60th year old retired woman. Her biggest passions are her family, reading and traveling around the world.


LWT: How did you prepare for your traveling?

ZR: I don’t prepare. I just go with the flow. Of course, I always research about visas and then get my ticket.


LWT: What makes you decide where you will travel to?

ZR: I pick interesting places with lots of history and culture.


LWT: Did you travel alone or with a group/ What is your preference?

ZR: I’ve traveled alone alone but I personally prefer company.


LWT: How many destinations have you been to?

Too many to mention but loved Phuket, Thailand.


LWT: What has been your most favorite destination and why?

Thailand for sure! From their culture down to their food and amazing temples.


LWT: What has been your least favorite destination and why?

I don’t have one. Every country offers different things.


LWT: Why do you travel?

To learn. Knowledge is key.


LWT: Do you think your travel experiences help others? How?

I always try to leave places I go better than when I arrived. I also inspire others by sharing my experiences.


LWT: Why is traveling a fascination for you?

So much to experience and learn from other cultures.


LWT: What do you learn that is the same from traveling around the world?

That there are people all over the world wanting the same things.


LWT: Do you find it hard to travel as a Latina?

Never have.


LWT: As a Latina, do you find it easy to stay away from tropical destinations?

I am not picky. I love to explore different places.

LWT: What are some struggles you faced traveling as a Latin woman?



LWT: Did your family encourage you to travel?

No, They never did.


LWT: As a Latina woman traveling solo, what myths or misconceptions have you heard?

That women shouldn’t travel alone.


What are your families view on it? (Pertains to the previous question)

My husband always tells me that one of these days you are going to get a surprise.

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