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Latinas Who Travel Ambassadors (by City)

Hola! Get to know Our Latinas Who Travel Ambassadors. These amazing and talented ladies help us host our meet-ups in different cities to connect like-minded women (latina travelers and honorary latinas). It is important to showcase that latinas do travel and also to support one another as a community.

Andrea C.
Ambassador and Social Media Manager - NY/NJ
Hi! My name is Andrea and I was born in Lima, Peru. I came to the US in 1998 pursuing the "American Dream" with my family. I graduated college with a criminal justice bachelor's degree and I am currently working in that field. I started traveling in my early 20's and haven't stopped since. I am based out of New Jersey and love to showcase my adventures on my Instagram: andrea.travelz and on my blog. I am honored to be part of The LWT Team. I love that our group not only empowers latina women to travel more, but accepts & welcomes women from all backgrounds.

New York City

Marlene Rossi
NYC Ambassador and Creative Director
I'm a native New Yorker from Dominican heritage living in Queens, NY. I work full-time as a digital marketer in downtown Manhattan, with an ever-growing passion for travel & photography. I’ve visited over 60 cities within 16 countries in North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Check out some of my favorite photos from my travels on my website marlenerossi.com. Don't forget to follow my adventures on Instagram @ latinaphotojourney!

New Jersey

Jessica La-Rotta
NJ Ambassador
Hi, my name is Jessica and I am a proud first generation Colombian-American. I'm from "Jersey", with a NYC heart and a spirit to travel! I've been traveling since I was a kid, but I remember one of my first big travel decision was when I was 15 and my mother asked me: "Mija, do you want a quinceanera or do you want to travel to Mexico for 2 weeks?" I said: "Mom, lets go to Mexico." At that moment I knew travel would be a part of one of my must fulfill passions and it has. Besides making sure travel is incorporated into balancing my lifestyle. I am an Event and Project Manager and have planned events for some rad clients such as: Madonna, Karlie Kloss, Unilever and Tiffany's (to name a few). I also love to dance, cook, spend time with my family and pitbull. Places I've Visited: Canada, Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico (almost every city), Spain, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Australia and tons of states in the US. Bucket List Places: Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Cuba, Bahamas, Africa, Arizona

Los Angeles, California

LA Ambassador
Hola! My name is Stephanie and I am Dominican & Peruvian. I was born in New Jersey and moved to California to pursue my dreams. I am currently a singer & dancer who loves to travel. I am a proud Afro Latina who enjoys meeting new people. I am honored to be the Los Angeles Ambassador for LWT, because I get to meet and learn from like-minded women. You can follow my adventures on my IG: dancerlegs.
LA Ambassador
My name is Vasthi and I'm of Mexican-Salvadoran descent. I was born and raised in Los Angeles and my love for travel was ignited through studying art and history in high school & college. I took my very first trip abroad at age 20 and my bucket list has kept growing ever since. I have traveled to 17 countries so far and I am eager to explore new places regardless if it's on my bucket list or not. I have a passion for photographing America's National Parks and experiencing concerts outside of my hometown, whether it be in another state or country. I truly enjoy meeting new people who share similar passions and I'm thrilled to be a part of this community.

Miami, Florida

Brenda Arce
Miami Ambassador
Hi! My name is Brenda Arce, I was born in Texas, I lived in Hawaii and Colorado because my dad was in the Army. My family moved back to Puerto Rico when I was 9 years old. My family told me that we would be settled in Puerto Rico, but I knew then that the world was big and dreamed about the day that could see it. After receiving my Bachelors in Public Communications from the University of Puerto Rico and found my way to Miami. I currently work as a VP for Robert Half, managing a team of staffing professionals. I take advantage any time I can to hop on a plane and experience new places. Some of the places I visited so far are Japan, Thailand, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Amsterdam, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil.

Washington, DC (DMV Area)

Olga Hernandez
DC Ambassador
Hola viajeras! My name is Olga. I’m from Puerto Rico currently living and working in Washington D.C. I started traveling in college thanks to a professor at University of Puerto Rico- Mayaguez who offers an affordable 30 day annual Europe summer trip as part of his elective class. After graduating with a Bachelors in Accounting and completing an internship in D.C., I permanently moved to the nation’s capital in 2011. I received an invite to attend a friend’s wedding in Peru and magically got hooked on South America. In less than two years, I have traveled over 8 countries –while still maintaining my full-time job. Excited to connect with more Latina viajeras.
Ana Gomez
DC Ambassador
Saludos to my fellow Latinas Who Travel. My name is Ana Gomez and I'm from the DC area. I'm half Puerto Rican and half Dominican. I'm a Flight Attendant for a major airline. I recently traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Iguazu. I love to discover hidden gems, I look forward to sharing more about my travels with all of you via this website and through the DC meet-ups.

Latina Travel Foodie Ambassador

Chef Mariakata Velez

The world of culinary was bestowed on to her by her family recipes since she could remember, now Chef Mariakata feels blessed and delightful to share with her clients her dreams come true with opening and successfully running her restaurant, MOJITO CUBAN CUISINE. Today, she is the Executive Chef at Body by Brooklyn SPA where you can enjoy her mouthwatering food.


A passionate Foodie, in saying that, she was an apprentice chef in Dominican Republic, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Italy, and France to enhance her awareness, passion, and improve her trade.


She was recently featured as a host and chef in various television show like the competitive Food Network shows Chopped, Kitchen Nightmares, winner of “CUT THROAT KITCHEN SEASON 2” REGULAR GUEST CHEF FOR FIRST EDITION NEWS OF TELEMUNDO47 NY. HOST/CHEF SHOW “Que Comemos Hoy” TELELATINA (What are we eating today), Heat up the grill, and “Reto al Chef” Fox/utilisima (Chef’s Challenge) and featured in December’s edition of Casa Viva magazines Editorial America, feature in Illussion magazine and a “Chef revelation” guest chef at “Sabor de Hogar” TELEAMIGA INTL, ESTILO RCN TV/BOGOTA COLOMBIA, VIVA LA TARDE, RCN TV-BOGOTA COLOMBIA. as the Selected Chef. She has also branched out into restaurant consulting and teaching to disseminate her experience and knowledge in “culinaria Festival” at La Casa Azul East Harlem a non-profit cooking classes for kids.


Choosen into an elite group of chef’s by being nominated and selected as one of the Best Chef’s in America in 2013/2014/2015 by an organization ran by Chefs for Chefs (BCA). Food writer, in the section “El Buen Comer” for Intergral Usa Magazine and different publications.


International Ambassadors

London, England

Maria V. Luna
London Ambassador
I am an editor and associate lecturer from New Jersey, now living a bilingual life in London. Exploring the world through first-hand travel and celebration of my heritage fuels my passion for creativity, diversity and innovation. Exposure to people from all walks of life inspire me to tell their stories, detailing the idiosyncrasy of their experiences and drawing connections to the human condition we all share. Check out my work at: mariavluna.com and connect with me at maria@mariavluna.com

Paris, France

Paris Ambassador
My name is Karla, but my close family and friends also call me “Karli”. I am an Ecuadorian native living in the heart of Paris. I arrived in France in 2007 for a “semester abroad” experience, but I fell in love with the culture, cuisine, language, and of course… a handsome French guy! Who is now my hubby <3. We recently became parents of a little boy named Raphaël. I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in “International Business and Foreign Languages” and a Master’s degree in “International Management and Marketing”. I am now working in the Luxury Fashion Industry and my passion for Fashion, Beauty, Travel and Food made me create my blog to share ideas, thoughts, tips and to interact with all those who share my devotion. I believe that all women are beautiful in their own skin, and that beauty only grows! I recently created Latinas en Paris, a community in which women can exchange and meet with other girls. I am also very happy and honoured to be one of the LWT Ambassadors. You can follow my looks, travel pictures and some of my daily life on my Instagram page.