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About Latinas Who Travel Community

Welcome to Latinas Who Travel Community and Movement! This bilingual travel community was not only created to encourage and empower Latinas to travel more, but we also empower women of color and honorary latinas. We connect latina travelers and the rest of our community through our meet-ups, events and group trips. In addition, we proudly showcase our culture through various media outlets such as our website, our newsletter, our Facebook Community (over 4,000 members), our daily instagram features (when you hashtag #LatinasWhoTravel) and other social media outlets. 

Latinas Who Travel Latinas Que Viajan Miami Meet up - Event

Our founder, Travel & Lifestyle Expert and Digital Storyteller, Olga Maria of, created this group based on her experiences. She realized that during her extensive travels she often did not meet other Latinas. In addition, many times the locals would comment that she was the first person they ever met from her country. Lastly, she noticed how many of her friends and acquaintances always tended to travel to their hometown and/or the same places over and over. Many of them acknowledged not feeling comfortable enough to travel on their own or to travel to unknown countries (which were totally out of their comfort zones). 

Thus, Latinas Who Travel was born to create wanderlust, to share travel hacks, and showcase that traveling is not only for rich people; that travel does enrich you culturally and in many other ways. More importantly, Olga Maria noticed existing Facebook travel groups didn’t necessarily focus on Latinas who enjoy traveling. The mission of this community and movement is to connect you with fellow Latinas Who Travel, or who wish to travel, through organized meet-ups and/or fun cultural getaways. We’re here to support and encourage each other on this amazing adventure called life! Disfruta la vida, pack your maletas and go!

About Latinas Who Travel Community & Movement for Latina Travelers & Honorary Latinas

How we started?

We initially started as a Facebook Community (January 2016) where Latinas, women of color and honorary latinas could document their adventures, share travel tips, photos and ask questions and/or make recommendations. Later, in early 2016, we expanded to organizing meet-ups in NYC, then our website was launched in April 2016 during Hispanicize (the largest annual event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in digital content creation, journalism, marketing, entertainment and tech entrepreneurship). Our Founder, Olga Maria was selected to be a Travel Influencer Speaker and an ambassador of the #WomenInspired Campaign of Prudential. The goal of our LWT website is that our growing community (over 3,000 members strong) is able to share articles with travel tips, destinations and more. 

In addition, we are currently quickly expanding into new markets and cities. We have meet-ups happening in NYC, LA, Miami, DC, Atlanta, Paris, London and soon other cities. Go to our Events Tab for more details and sign up here for our newsletter to be notified first.

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General Questions – FAQ

Are you wondering why Latinas Who Travel is for “women only”?

It’s because women of almost any culture yearn for the freedom to express themselves, to experience new things and to surpass their limited societal expectations. Most women are born with a natural wanderlust, an amazing sense of curiosity and discovery.

Who are Latinas?

Women who are born Latinas, identify themselves as Latinas or consider themselves honorary Latinas.

LWT FB Group Mission (What does FB stand for?)

Our goal is for Latina women to travel safely in comfort and style, and to meet fellow globetrotters. This group is a place to share tips, must-see places, stories, experiences and to unite, encourage, inform and support our community. We encourage our members to welcome other traveling Latinas, and honorary Latinas, to post anything travel-related.

This space allows us to stay connected and motivate one another. We wish to keep this group as positive as possible. Be kind to each other — no negativity or bashing of ANYONE will be tolerated! Let’s support one another; lift each other up when one is down, and cheer each other on when all is good. We kindly ask that you do not use this group to market your personal business. Important to keep all posts related to travel! Never fear, there will be special threads where you can post about your business or blog. Please utilize these as opportunity for drumming up professional support.

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