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Join a community of Latinas Who Travel, Women of Color and Honorary Latinas across the globe! We all have stories or tips to share. Think about your own neighborhood, places to go, to eat, safety tips. Help others and let people find out more about you or your blog. Be part of the movement, become one of our contributors!

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Thank you for your interest in contributing to Latinas Who Travel! In order to feature authentic stories, Latinas Who Travel limits the amount of editing on story submissions. However, we do reserve the right to make edits to your post for the purposes of SEO, required links, additional information, grammar etc.

We ask that you adhere to the following guidelines for writing your story:

  • Submit your story to with the subject line “Contributor Submission: <title of story>”
  • Please be sure to check spelling/grammar before you submit your story.
  • Only submit new, original content or a story from your blog that you have completely re-written for us. We do not publish duplicate content as this affects both our site and yours in Google’s rankings. If your story is published on our site and you subsequently publish the same post on your blog or elsewhere, we will remove the post and we will not be able to publish from you again in the future.
  • Keep your paragraphs between 3-6 sentences. Short online paragraphs hold the reader’s attention better.
  • Stories should be kept between 6 – 15 paragraphs
  • Provide a relevant story title written in capital letters with your story
  • Include any relevant links for restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions in your post. We will not consider your story for publication if you do not include links. Add a link to your story by including it after the word(s) you want to link.

Please adhere to the following guidelines for any photos submitted for your story:

  • You will be provided a link for a Dropbox folder. All story photos should be uploaded to this location at the same time you submit the copy for your story.
  • Include 1-3 photographs per paragraph, plus 1 additional featured image. (Minimum of 6-8 images)
  • Include at least one high-resolution photo that has you in it.
  • Your photos should be resized to be between 250KB – 350KB. One of the easiest tools to use is which will retain the quality of your photo while reducing the file size.
  • Submit all your photos with file names in this format without spaces: subjectname.Jpg Example: If your story is about New York, every photo should have New York in the file name i.e. newyork-empire-state.jpg
  • Only submit photos you own the rights to.

Important Notes

Latinas Who Travel does not pay for contributor posts. By submitting your story and photos you are not considered an employee of Latinas Who Travel and should not represent yourself as such, although we may ask you to represent us at an event. Note: You retain all rights to your media.

Latinas Who Travel will not publish dedicated reviews for a brand or destination that you have secured a collaboration with. If you are a brand or destination, please contact us to discuss any collaboration.

Have questions? Email us:

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*We are looking for people who can contribute a minimum of 2 articles a month. You can also submit a one-time guest post, but you won’t be listed on our Contributors section. Please review the Story and Photo Guidelines above prior to submitting your ideas for articles. If you have any questions after reading the guidelines or are ready to let us know your ideas for posts, please email us at: