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Why You Should Join Our Travel Community For Latina Travelers & Honorary Latinas!

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Wondering why you should join our travel community for Latina Travelers and Honorary Latinas? First of all, our Latinas Who Travel | Latinas Que Viajan bilingual facebook group is a place to share travel tips, must-see places, stories, experiences as well as to unite, encourage, inform and support our community. We encourage our members to welcome other traveling Latinas, women who identify as Latinas, and honorary Latinas.

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Join us to expand your circle of friends, participate in network opportunities, collaborate with other travel bloggers, and help fellow Latina travelers on their journey. Our community spans the globe – we have members not only from across the United States, but in Puerto Rico, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador and Guatemala (to name a few), as well as Latinas that are living abroad or maintain a nomadic lifestyle.


 Here’s what some of our current members think about our Latinas Who Travel Facebook Community :


❝ I was searching for a group that specifically spoke to the Latina community. I was also hoping for the opportunity to make new friends with common interests, which as an adult female seems to be difficult to do at times. I love that this group organizes events and group trips to get everyone together. ❞


❝ I’m glad to be a part of this wonderful community mostly because I get inspired by so many of you, wonderful women that travel fearlessly! I’ve been to some places, but appreciate the support of getting outside my comfort zone. ❞


❝ I think this group is fascinating to read all of your experiences and future plans to travel. ❞


❝ I am so happy to have found a community of Latinas who focus on travel. It took me a while to find others like me! Looking forward to meet my fellow ladies and hope to connect with them soon! Hoping there is an event near me that I can travel to. ❞


“I am so grateful for this community. I had an emergency while in Costa Rica and many of the girls in the community help me find the closest clinique to go to. It was amazing that they lend me a helping hand in a moment of need”.

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Be a part of the movement! We organize meet-ups and events with our members so that you may have an opportunity to meet new Latinas, and honorary Latinas, who love to travel as much as you do. Are you looking for an adventure? Become a member of our community and you’ll have the opportunity to discover a new part of the world with our group trips. Are you new to travel? Our helpful members are quick to lend a helping hand in the time of need. Feel free to post about anything travel related.


What are you waiting for? Join the movement now!