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1 day in Marrakech? Here is what you can do with only 24 hours in Marrakech!

1 day in Marrakech? Here is what you can do with only 24 hours in Marrakech!

Marrakech is a very diverse city, rich in culture. It is quite vibrant, streets vibrating with the hustle and bustle of people on the streets. It is a perfect place to go and soak up the ambiance, people watch, enjoy the rooftop restaurants by the square and find the hidden backstreet cafes, bakeries and more. If you only have 24 hours in Marrakech, here is just a perfect 1 day in Marrakech itinerary.

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Where to stay

Marrakech has many beautiful riads, which are large traditional houses built around a central courtyard, often converted into hotels in Morocco.


Definitely staying at riads makes for a more authentic and unique experience. I would suggest picking one with a pool in case you would like to enjoy it, to cool off in the evening. Most of them also have spas were they offer traditional Moroccan Hamman, great way to relax at the end of the day.

Getting around

Morocco does not have uber, so the best way is walking around and taxis (for distanced locations), especially if you only have 24 hours in Marrakech.  Just a warning but you need to watch out that you do not get scammed by taxi drivers. Make sure to ask them to put the meter on, or ask someone trustworthy in advance about the ride’s approximate cost to the place you’re going and always negotiate the price in advance with the driver.

TIP: Always have smaller bills ready since sometimes the drivers do not have, or often offer, is change.


Suggested one day in Marrakech itinerary – 24 hours in Marrakech!


Breakfast at Patisserie des princes

Patisserie des princes is considered one of the best French bakeries in Marrakech. Amazing crepes, pastries and more. A great place to start the day!

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Activity #1: Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle is my favorite place in Marrakech, no question about it. Without leaving Marrakech, you will find yourself on an amazing two and a half acre botanical garden, with an impressive collection of plants from all over the world. Simply a perfect location to walk around and just breathe in the atmosphere. There are even many peaceful, beautiful spots for photo lovers. The décor is just as beautiful, with colorful walls dominated by the traditional blue color; what a perfect background! There’s also a small museum with Berber and Islamic art, which is only closed on Wednesdays, along with a quaint café inside, a great place to sit and enjoy a cup of tea. It took 40 years for French painter Jacques Majorelle to create this magical place, so don’t rush.

By visiting this garden you are also supporting a good cause as well since it supports education in Morocco. TIP: I would suggest going early to experience it to the maximum since it can get busy and crowded as the day passes. It is one of the most visited places in Morocco.


Activity #2 Bahia Palace

It is a beautiful palace, built in the late 19th century, who’s name means brilliance. It is a must-see for anyone visiting Marrakech. The decorations are just amazing. There’s an entry fee, but it is well worth it. Another great spot to take great pictures, including in their beautiful gardens.

TIP: For history lovers, I would suggest that you hire a tour guide if you are interested in learning more about the history of the place.

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Activity #3 El Badi Palace

El Badi palace is in ruins, but the remains of a 16th century palace, which was one of the largest Islamic palaces in the west, is a very cool place to visit. The palace’s garden walls, along with a decorative and ornamented orange orchard, still stand.

The architecture is great and definitely speaks to the wonderful history of this country. And there are signs with information in English for your convenience. However, if you would have to pick one palace because of timing, I would just do the Bahia Palace only. I prefer that one of the two.



Lunch time at Café Chez Zaza

If you are hungry, Café Chez Zaza is a good spot for lunch around the main Square Jemaa El Fnaa. It has a rooftop, affordable prices, good location plus excellent meals. You just can’t go wrong!

BTW, from Moroccan cuisine, I truly love the Moroccan beef koftas.

Jemaa el Fnaa Square

Jemaa El Fna is the main square and market place in Marrakech medina quarter and it dates back as far as the 12th century, so it’s a popular tourist site. I think of it as the Times Square of Marrakech: Lots of people, loud, full of tourists and locals trying to scam the tourists out of their money with different tricks, such as placing a monkey on you, or a snake, and many more activities. Be aware of pickpockets. It is one of those places where, similar to when you visit New York City, it would be weird to not visit Times Square, it’s the same with Jemma el Fna, when you visit Marrakech. TIP: Know that you can visit the square at almost any time, so you can always stop by it at a different time than when it is suggested here.

Jemaa el Fnaa Square - 1 day in Marrakech

Koutoubia mosque

A 12th-century historic mosque with a garden is not far from the Main Square. It is the largest mosque in Marrakech with a minaret of 77 meters (253 feet) high, includes an arrow and orbs. As a non-Muslim / non-practitioner, you cannot go inside the mosque, but it is worth it to see it from the outside.


Saadian Tombs

A truly historical place, Saadian Tombs are a great example of Muslim architecture and beautiful mosaics that have been carefully restored. It’s a quite an impressive place with graves, a garden and a masoleum. You can even get a glimpse into life in old Morocco. Definitely worth a visit if you are a fan of history and architecture. There is intricate work on the walls and doors. The colors are muted with the passage of time, but you can still appreciate their beauty. There’s also a good video presentation on the restoration process of the place. You’ll need less than an hour to fully explore this unique place so, if you have the time, do it!

Souk Shopping at the Marrakech Medina

If you are into shopping, you can go inside the Medina. Medinas in North Africa are usually the old part of a city, typically walled, containing narrow streets, fountains, etc. I would suggest bargaining a lot and being firm since, as a tourist, they will try to charge you higher prices. Be prepared for a lot of people trying to sell you things. Also, you will be approached by kids who want to give you directions, then ask you for money. I would suggest to ignore pushy people and to not trust just anyone. TIP: I would suggest having a guide for the Medinas in Marrakech and also for the Fez one, since they are quite large. Always take extra precautions if you are traveling solo, wherever you go.


Evening time

Experience a traditional Hammam

If you have time, or simply do not enjoy shopping, I would suggest for you to book an appointment for a traditional Hammam at your hotel spa or some other well rated spa. It is a unique experience which most people like, although others might not. TIP: Treatments vary per hotels and places. Make sure to read the reviews and find a place that is hygienic and has good standards.


Dinner time at Café Kif Kif

Café Kif Kif is a great spot for dinner. Their sardine tagine is super tasty. They also have other choices for tagine. I would also recommend their Moroccan chicken bastille (a Moroccan traditional chicken pie), it is one of my favorite!

Planning your trip to Morocco?

Obviously, this is a short list since it’s a suggested one day itinerary. if you have doubts about what to do while in Morocco, or planning to stay longer, you can always consult an expert to travel in Morocco, such as Voyage Privé, which can help you book an inclusive package and plan it all for you.

My wish is for you to enjoy your visit to the capital of Morroco, Marrakech and have a pleasant stay. I hope you made amazing memories during those 24 hours in Marrakech. Let us know below if we missed anything or if you have any other recommendations/tips for Marrakech. Was 1 day in Marrakech enough for you, or did you extend your visit, or cannot wait to return? Let us know your experience in the comments.

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