5 Reasons To Visit China


China is such a huge country with so much to see and do. Here are just five reasons to visit China next time you want to satisfy your wanderlust.

Delicious food

We’re all familiar with Chinese food in the west, but travel to this country and you can get an authentic taste of the cuisine. The flavors can vary from region to region – Sichuan is renowned for its spicy foods, whilst Hong Kong is widely regarded as the seafood capital. Depending on your budget, you can enjoy fine dining in cities such as Beijing or you can live off the country’s delicious street food.

Rich history

China also has a rich history – it’s no wonder that there are so many study trips to China. Across the country you’ll find ancient temples and palaces. One of the country’s most popular historical sites is The Great Wall Of China, built to prevent the Mongols from invading. Whilst exploring the wall, you can also see the imposing terracotta army. The Forbidden City in Beijing is another popular attraction – once the former palace of China’s rulers dating back to 1420. Mogao Caves meanwhile is another must-see attraction in which 429 temples can be found built into the cave system.

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Natural wonders

There’s also a huge variety of natural sights to see in China. You can take a cruise down the Yangtze river – the largest in Asia – and admire the cliffs and hillsides along the way. Travel west to the Himalayas and you may even be able to get up and close to Everest – the largest mountain in the world. There are also wonders such as Wulingyuan, a collection of national parks consisting of rocky spires and tall trees, altogether reminiscent of a scene from Avatar. On top of this, there is a huge amount of unique wildlife to see in China including panda bears and snub-nosed monkeys.

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Stunning cities

Contrasting the countries natural wonders are several equally impressive metropolises. Hong Kong is the country’s most popular city – here you’ll find a selection of theme parks, incredible nightlife, great restaurants, traditional markets and modern shopping complexes. Similar to Hong Kong is Shanghai, sporting a number of huge skyscrapers and lots of shopping opportunities. Meanwhile, for a more historic trip, Beijing has a huge selection of temples and palaces to choose from.

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Fascinating culture

The Chinese culture is arguably the most fascinating aspect of the country – you’ll see so many new things simply from meeting people and getting to know their customs and traditions. There are a number of impressive festivals held throughout the year including Chinese New Year, The Lantern Festival and The Dragon Boat Festival that are great times to see the country’s cities in full color. You can also experience the culture by visiting an opera, watching a Kung Fu display or going to an acrobatic show. There are also plenty of art galleries and museums across the country for learning more about the country’s rich culture.

I hope that these 5 reasons to visit China has inspired your visit.


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