5 Things You Should Do Before Your Summer Road Trip

 A summer road trip is something many people embark on during the sunny season, and why not! With the open road ahead of them, and places to explore on and off the beaten track, a world of adventure awaits. Still, a little bit of planning and preparation always comes in useful, especially when there is the possibility of disaster at every turn (perhaps literally). And that is where we come in. If you’re joining the masses heading out onto the roads this summer, here are five things you need to do before departure.

  1. Ensure your car is road worthy

You won’t get very far if your car isn’t up for the job, so ensure you check it for any potential problems. Pump up the tires, top up the fluids, and check for any lights on the dashboard. If car DIY isn’t in your skill set, take it to the garage for a service. It’s better to be safe than sorry, despite the expense. And if your car isn’t up to scratch for the journey ahead, consider hiring a car for the summer, or take out used car finance to replace your failing motor.

  1. Write out a road trip checklist

You don’t want to forget anything vital, so write out a checklist of all the essential things you need to do before you leave. Aside from checking your car for prevailing problems, you should also list the items you need for the journey – snacks, water, first-aid kit, etc. – as well as double-checking accommodation, researching fuel and rest stops, and noting down those must-see places of interest en route to your destination.

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  1. Load your phone up with apps

Your phone is your most useful companion on your road trip. There are apps for nearly everything… maps for the journey, weather updates, guides to attractions, games for the kids, rocking tunes to keep you entertained… so head to the app store, and download anything that will prove useful for the journey ahead.

  1. Tell people where you’re going

Provided you have a rough itinerary of your journey – roads you will be taking, accommodation you will be staying at, towns you will be visiting – let friends and family have a copy of your plans, with the relevant contact details to reach you or the places you will be staying in. In the event of an emergency, it’s always good to have somebody watching your back, and by regularly staying in contact, you have somebody at home to reach out to if any type of disaster strikes.

  1. Talk to your traveling companions

A road trip is all about compromise, so while you may have your agenda for the trip, ensure you talk to those traveling with you to find out what they want from the journey. Otherwise, your road trip may be very uncomfortable indeed, especially when your companions argue and fall out with you. You want to have fun, right? Of course you do, so forget your “my way or the highway” sensibility and give everybody a wonderful holiday to remember, even if you have to do things you’re not necessarily into.

And after doing all of these things, have fun! It’s your road trip and having put everything in place before setting off into the distance, you can have peace of mind that possible disasters have been averted *

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* We can’t account for everything, so don’t sue us if something does go wrong!


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