Beyond the Reef: Diving Opportunities in Australia


When it comes to Australia, various images and stereotypes spring to mind. One of the most common associations with the country is diving. But many believe that this is the realm of professionals. You may be surprised to know that Australia actually has diving opportunities for individuals of all abilities and levels of experience. Here’s a quick guide to help you make the most of your trip!


Now, reefs are a great place to start. Especially if you are a beginner or may not be particularly comfortable or confident in the water. Why? Well, the waters are relatively shallow in most areas and you can easily engage with all sorts of wildlife and scenery without venturing all too far from the surface of the water. You only need minimal equipment that can generally be purchased or rented for cheap: a diving mask, a snorkel, and fins. You also require minimal training, as you can meander through the waters at your own pace and don’t have to learn any complex breathing techniques, swimming techniques, or diving techniques to still have a great time. For the ultimate reef experience, visit the world’s largest coral reef – the Great Barrier Reef. This is a location where there are plenty of tours available, such as those at https://www.reeffree.com.au/great-barrier-reef-tours/from/cairns/, where professionals will happily guide you.


Once you’re comfortable with snorkeling the shallows, it’s time to start expanding on your techniques and try out diving. This allows you complete immersion in the waters. You don’t have to worry about staying close to the surface, as you have more advanced equipment such as air tanks that allow you to breathe independently from the tank rather than resurfacing regularly or drawing in air through a snorkel. Other equipment includes a mask with mouthpiece, longer diving fins, buoyancy control devices, regulators, and depth gauges. We’d advise taking specialist training classes while you are getting used to all of this. Cairns is a brilliant place to do this, as there are plenty of approved courses available. Here you will also be able to focus your exploration on Inter Reef Gardens.

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Once you’re qualified, the sea becomes, well, your oyster, as you can confidently navigate waters and are much more familiar with your equipment. It’s important, however, that you are still sensible with your efforts. You don’t want to enter shark-infested waters, and you should never dive completely alone. After all, if you come into danger or trouble, you want to ensure that there’s someone nearby to help you. Try out the Yongala Shipwreck in Queensland. Here you will be able to escape the crowds while satiating your desire for adventure and exploration at its finest.

No matter how confident you are when it comes to diving, there’s something out there to suit your needs. Just do your research and plan. As long as you are well organised, safe, and sensible at all times, your trip should be a success, no matter what your ability or previous experience!


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