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Checked Luggage No-Gos If You Want To Avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions While Traveling


There is all manner of things to consider when packing checked bags. Due to worries about safety, most of us prefer to keep valuables with us through the flight. We also avoid packing anything breakable. With all that worrying, though, you might not consider what you shouldn’t pack when it comes to protecting your clothes. Clothes storage is the primary reason for taking checked bags anywhere. You’re heading pretty far from your wardrobe, after all. You need to know you’ve got enough variety to last. The trouble is, packing the wrong things could see your clothes ruined before you land. And, you may find it tough to get the most from your holiday if you’re stuck with the clothes you traveled in.

With that in mind, we’re going to look at some of the things you should never pack in amongst your vacation wardrobe.

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Fizzy drinks

We all have our favorite home comforts, and fizzy drinks are often one of them. Hence why many people have the genius idea of packing a stock of bottles to keep them going. The bad news is, this is a no-go if you want to keep your clothes safe. The simple fact is that carbonated drinks in a suitcase are never going to end well. Luggage handling isn’t the most gentle process. Your bag will get shaken up pretty badly before reaching the baggage hold. That and the pressure of the flight will soon see carbonated drinks taking off in a whole different way. The worst case scenario will be that they make enough noise to alert the rest of the plane. Even in the best case, you’ll end with a sticky mess all over your wardrobe.

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Since e-cigarettes have grown in popularity, airports have had many issues to contend with. As such, it’s worth thinking twice before packing vaping equipment in your luggage. Bear in mind that vape pens contain pretty potent liquid nicotine. If that finds its way onto your clothes, you’ll have no choice but to chuck them. The best option, then, is to keep your e-cig in your hand luggage. Obviously, this does come with liquid restrictions. If you do want to take more than this allows, you could always attempt to protect your clothes with packing advice like that found on this page. Either way, do what you can to avoid a spillage which ruins your trip and leaves you without stress relief.


Nail varnish

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Nail varnish is the last and perhaps most essential no-go. The trouble is, this is a mistake many of us make. You’re going to get your sandals out, after all, and you want to ensure your toes look their best. The trouble is, your outfits will never recover from a nail varnish leak. And, let’s be honest; there’s a real risk of those bottles breaking. If you do insist on packing varnish regardless, wrap it securely in a sealed plastic bag. Your best bet, though, is to go natural on the nail front.


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