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The Cozy Camper: Ramp up Your Campsite This Fall

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The Cozy Camper: Ramp up Your Campsite This Fall

Those who don’t enjoy camping are simply not doing it right. Most of us have experienced the cramped-up feeling of waking up in a tent, bathing in dampness and begging for fresh air as the rain floods your campsite  – it’s not pleasant. While camping during summer keeps us relatively warm and dry, it takes a whole other tactic to make it as cozy as possible when the weather turns harsh. Here are the best ways to become a cozy camper during the fall season.

When you manage to do it right, however, you’ll experience nature and wildlife at its finest. A decent tent, practical clothing, and many large cups of hot chocolate can take you a few steps further – as well as these brilliant tips from avid campers of fall and winter.

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The Cozy Camper: Ramp up Your Campsite This Fall

Go for wool

Clothes are essential to staying warm and decent, but they can be so very impractical. A lovely, warm sweater or jacket can quickly become a fire hazard when you step too close to the fire – or leave you shivering and sickly after a burst of rain.

Just like our parents taught us, you’d want to dress in wool and keep it as the layer closest to your body. It stays warm even if gets a bit wet, you know, which is particularly handy if you’re walking far into the woods and sweating. Check out for a checklist on the kind of clothes a camper needs.

Plus, you can step a bit closer to the fire without lighting up the whole campsite.


Get a quality sleeping pad

Anyone who has attempted to spend a night on the floor knows how very out of the question this is. Not just because it is unbearably hard on your back; the floor is cold and unpleasant, making it easier to sleep in a seated position than lying flat out. When you’re out in the wild, however, you won’t be able to admit your mistakes and crawl back into bed, so make sure you have a nice and thick sleeping pad.

You’ll be able to sleep a lot better too, making camping during fall and winter pleasant rather than unbearable. Have a look at to stock up on the right kind of camping gear before you head off.

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Turn your water bottle upside-down

This trick may not be as applicable during fall as it is for winter, but it will keep you prepared in any way. When the weather is frosty, flip your water bottles upside-down overnight to avoid having to defrost your drinking water as soon as you wake up. Ice forms at the top, so by flipping them over, you’ll still be able to enjoy the liquid at the bottom.

Another tip for the campers of coldness is to melt the snow for drinking water. Chemical water filters are slow workers when it’s cold, and when you’re surrounded by snow in any way, you might as well make use of it.

Keep in mind that the cold weather will dry your skin slightly out, so bring some vaseline with you when you’re traveling – or just remember to hydrate your skin properly when you’re back home.

The colder half of the year is an ideal time for experiencing wildlife and making the most of nature. Keep warm and dry to make it as enjoyable as possible, and you’ll want to stay out there for ever.

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