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Mi Desayuno (Breakfast) en Chena Hot Springs Resort Restaurant in Fairbanks Alaska


As a Latina who loves to travel, one of my most favorite part of my travels is tasting the different foods from that destination. On Oct. 2014, I was able to go on a mini getaway to Chena Hot Springs Resort. This beautifully natured resort is located at 56.5 Chena Hot Springs Road, Fairbanks, Alaska. Founded over a hundred years ago, this resort is a rustic complex with a hot springs lake, indoor pool, an ice museum and a casual restaurant. Although I would love to sit here and talk about the beauty of what my eyes saw,…I am here to give you my opinion first hand on the comida at Chena Hot Springs Resort. Don’t worry I’ll have pictures for your eyes to feast on. My dining experience at this beautiful restaurant was very relaxing and laid back. With a fireplace inside the restaurant, the cold winter outside stays outside making the dining experience that much more heart warming. The service was on point and very friendly staff. The fresh vegetables used are grown in a green house at the Chena Hot Springs Resort all year round making the salads at this restaurant the freshest in Alaska.

Chena Hot Springs


Upon me arriving at the restaurant, I was greeted right away by the hostess and seated within minutes of being there. While sitting down, we were handed menus and my excitement was beyond the techo. When I opened up the menu, much to my surprise the prices were reasonable for the type of establishment and location of the resort. As my eyes scrolled through it, I decided on the Biscuit and Gravy plate with potatoes and a side order of fresh fruit. When my breakfast was placed in front of me, my reaction of amazingness was spoken through my facial expression. I truly feel the best part of receiving a meal, is the presentation. Let’s face it,…if it doesn’t look appetizing chances are it won’t taste good either. That’s my motto. Delighted with anxiousness I dug into my meal quickly. With every bite, I was completely satisfied by making the mmm’ sound. The freshness of each vegetable and fruit in my mouth certainly justified that each is grown in a green house. I was truly enjoying everything about it. The combination of each item on the plate complimented one another in looks and in taste.

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My over all experience was excellent at this establishment. I will be visiting again and recommend it to anyone who plans on being around this area in Alaska. You will not be disappointed about the food at Chena Hot Springs Resort! You can visit (Chenahotsprings.com/diningatchena) in case you would like to check out the menu for your travel planning preparations. This Latina is very picky when it comes to food but everything I ate was on point. To the freshness to the right amount of portions, my entire breakfast was an A+.




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