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Don’t Just Stick To Your Hotel On Holiday – Go Out and Explore!


Do you have a holiday planned at the minute? Or do you have one in the pipelines that you’re just waiting to book? Whichever category you fall under, we want to try and get you out and about when it comes to your holiday. Yes, we all head on that plane towards the sun in search of relaxation, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay to the confines of your hotel. Sometimes this can be a wasted holiday, especially if this is the only time that you’re going to be able to explore the country in question. But, we’re also not saying that you don’t have to spend all day everyday out of the hotel, there are ways that you can get that perfect balance, and here’s how we think you can do just that!

smart travel Don't Just Stick To Your Hotel On Holiday!

One Day On, One Day Off

So, like we’ve said, a lot of you will have gone on holiday to get that vital relaxation, and we’re not trying to take that away from you. But, what you could do is do one day off, one day on. So, when you first get there, you’re obviously going to be a little groggy from traveling, and we know that you’re not going to be up for much. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve traveled for 2 hours or 10, you’ll still feel a bit sluggish. It’s just the whole airport ordeal, possibly getting up early, and just the stress of it all. So, on your first proper day, take some time to relax around the hotel. The day after that, get yourself out and about and explore the local area. You get the gist after that. It’s a perfect balance for a holiday, and will allow you to have that much needed relaxation, as well as being able to see the country that you’ve spent so much money to go and visit.

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Getting Around

This is the bit that people worry about the most. Getting a taxi or public transport in a country you’re not used to can be a nightmare, and if we’re honest, it can be a bit intimidating. We like the things we’re used to, and getting public transport in another country is definitely something we’re not used to. That’s why we think you should look into things like UBER. They operate in many different countries, and you can contact UBER support if you’re having any troubles with things like payments whilst you’re over there. It’s a reliable service that so many of us know and love. If you don’t want to use this, you will have to immerse yourself in the local area, and figure out the transport system. See it as a little adventure, and always ask people if you just don’t have a clue where you’re going. It’s better than getting lost!

Finding Things To Do

We like to think that planning is key, so if you can, always make sure that you find things to do before you go. It’s so much easier to navigate when you get there, if you already know exactly what you’re going to do. If not, a lot of the hotels will have people there, or close by, selling day trips and excursions that you could be a part of.


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