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Experience Some Good Old American Modes Of Transport On Your Vacation

Experience Some Good Old American Modes Of Transport On Your Vacation

Experience Some Good Old American Modes Of Transport On Your Vacation

If you’re venturing to the good old US of A on your next vacation, you might want to consider how you are going to be traversing your chosen states. Are you going to be sticking to one destination like the rugged coastal beauty of the Florida Keys? Or are you going to be taking the trip of a lifetime across the Nevada Desert up through California and along the west coast? Whatever your plans are for your American adventure, you should think about the transport you might be taking. Take a look at how you can make your holiday all the more authentic depending on the transportation you select.


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If you’re venturing on a road trip like the notorious Route 66 trek, you could opt for the American classic of a pink or turquoise blue Cadillac. These beasts on four wheels are huge. What they lack in all mod cons, they make up for in charm, stylish looks and their ability to turn heads. While you might not have air conditioning, you’ll be able to have the roof down and enjoy the wind in your hair as you casually make your way through the dusty plains of New Mexico.

The Cadillac has been an integral part of American culture for over a hundred years. If you want to experience an authentic road trip, stop off at a burger joint or two, mingle with the locals and get off the beaten track, you should seriously consider hiring a 1950s Cadillac for your journey.


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The stunning scenery of the United States is best viewed when you don’t have to do any driving at all, leaving you to bask in the beautiful vistas that you find yourself immersed in. The reasonably priced Amtrak rail system across North America means that you can head to the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon or the Appalachian Mountains and admire the view from your seat. Traveling by train is a great way of organizing a multi-destination tour. You’ll be able to book all of your tickets and even reserve your seats prior to setting off on your vacation. This takes untold stress out of the travel equation.


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There is something whimsical and fun about heading onto a tram. Even when they’re the modern type, they ooze a vintage appeal. Stay at the Park City Marriott in Utah, and you’ll be a stone’s throw away from the Snowbird; an awesome tram that will see you scale nearly 3000 feet and over 1.5 miles in ten minutes. As you venture into the clouds, you’ll have a wonderful view emerge before you to marvel at.

San Francisco is perhaps the natural home of the tram in the USA. With its naturally undulating terrain, the city based it’s public transport system on a network of trams. These rustic and old-fashioned carriages make for a great way to travel around the city, taking in the lobster eateries, the laid-back cafes and the beach.

The USA is a melting pot of different cultures, stunning scenery and authentic modes of transport. When you’re planning your next American vacation, be sure to factor in your train, tram or Cadillac.

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