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Fun Things To Do In Connecticut


Connecticut is a stunning part of the USA which is situated in the south of New England and has a lot of things to offer for anyone who wants to travel there. If you enjoy seeing cultural hotspots, walking through calming countryside and having fun with the family, this could be a really wonderful place for you to visit this summer. Here are some of the things you can enjoy if you decide to visit Connecticut this year.

Lighthouse Point Park Carousel

When you visit Connecticut you can book a stay at a hotel in Danbury, Connecticut and travel around the stat enjoying all of the different sights and experiences. For example one thing you can definitely do is visit the carousel and lighthouse point park which is a huge structure built in 1916. It is one of only a hundred in the world which are still used and it is a truly magical experience from start to finish. You will also be able to enjoy a walk around the park and a beautiful view over New Haven Harbour.

Glass House

If you love to see strange and wacky architecture in play, you can really have fun visiting this glass house which was designed by Philip Johnson and look was incredible from the inside as it does outside. The entire home is built with glass and it is certainly an interesting home to walk through with the family. It will feel bizarre to walk through clear rooms, however it really is a unique opportunity for photographs and it is an architectural marvel.

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Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

During your stay in the state of Connecticut it would be a shame for you to miss out on some of the amazing art galleries which grace the cities. One of the best art galleries to visit during your trip is the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum and it will blow your mind. The exhibits here are constantly changing so you could keep on visiting throughout your lifetime and you will never see the same price twice. This is what makes this particular museum stand out from the rest and it is a great atmosphere inside the venue.


Mystic Aquarium

If you have ever visited an aquarium you might think that there isn’t much else you can see by visiting another, but this is a world renowned aquarium and you will soon see why. When you come to visit mystic aquarium you will be treated to seeing some truly stunning creatures, enjoy a glass of prosecco with penguins and learn about these beautiful creatures first hand. It is a unique experience and throughout the day you will never want to put your camera down!

aquarium connecticut

Apple Picking Field Trip

Another fun activity, which is perfect to do during the fall season is apple picking orchards. It is so fun to go outside, to take pictures with family and friends and of course, to pick the best and biggest apples. There are tons of family farms and orchards in Connecticut. There is no better activity than apple picking to kick-off the fall season.

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Chowder, if you didn’t already know, is basically a thick soup which is a perfect comfort food dish for the autumn and winter months. If you love all things food and you fancy trying some different chowder recipes, you can visit Chowdafest and try over 40 recipes of chowder provides by different restaurants all over the country. It is an excuse to spend the day eating great food and you will also be able to vote for your favorite which will win a prize. It’s a nice chilled out family day and it is certainly one which you want to add to your list.


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