Make Your Next American Adventure All About Boating!


America is such an exciting place to visit- each state is a completely different experience with different weather conditions, terrain, even local customs. There’s more to see and do than you’d ever manage in a lifetime, but if you’re looking to do something a bit different (an American Adventure) then how about making your next trip to America all about boating? Spending time out on the water is fun, relaxing and allows you to see a destination in a new way. Here are some of the best US destinations to consider for boating.



Miami is well known for its vibrant party scene, so if a boat party sounds like your kind of thing then this will be right up your street! You could rent a boat in Miami Beach and enjoy a boat party with friends, crack open some champagne and enjoy an evening in style! No worries if you’d rather something a little more relaxed, take your yacht out onto the water where you can sunbathe, take in the views and spend quality time with whoever you’ve come away with.

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From scenic parks and stunning beaches to trendy clubs, restaurants, and bars, California has it all. If you’d like to visit the ‘Golden State’ it would be a crime not to explore the stunning turquoise waters of Malibu. You could hire a boat and enjoy food and drinks on the water, dive in and swim or pack your binoculars and spot some of the incredible Californian wildlife such as tropical birds, dolphins and sea lions. Whether you go for a full boating holiday, a day or just an afternoon, this is one way to experience California like no other.

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For many, Hawaii is just about as close as it comes to paradise. Since it’s an island there are loads of boating opportunities all round- how about going on a scuba experience and seeing some manta rays? You can do night dives which allow you to swim side by side with these gentle giants- since they have no way to bite or sting humans it’s one of the safest large animal experiences out there. Whether you want to stay close to the surface with a snorkel or dive deep on a scuba tour is up to you. Whatever you go for, with so many fascinating animals in this tropical climate you won’t be disappointed.

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New York

There are a few ways to really appreciate the iconic New York skyline. One is from above by booking a helicopter or hot air balloon ride. The other is from a boat as it allows you to get some distance and take it all in. If you’re wanting to take some epic photos on your trip then this is a great way to go about it! There are lots of city boat tours offered, be sure to book ahead to avoid disappointment. These things usually book up fast, which is to be expected when the city routinely tops sixty million annual visitors.

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