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Protecting And Securing Your Laptop When Travelling

Protecting And Securing Your Laptop When Travelling

Protecting And Securing Your Laptop When Travelling

When it comes to the protection of things like your laptop, it’s security begins with protecting it physically. Most of us know that no matter what we do if someone wants it badly enough they may be able to get it but security is about protecting it from those who would only take it because it was easy to do so. Here are the basics for protecting and securing your laptop while travelling.

Protecting And Securing Your Laptop When Travelling

You will want to start with a laptop bag that is made for security and travel. The bag should be basically for the laptop only and it should remain in the bag at all times except when you’re using it. It should help to protect the laptop from bumps and other potentially damaging mishaps. If you are extremely worried about this then these Chassis Plans ruggedized computers could be a good investment. Whether it’s a backpack or carry bag you will want it to have a sleeve that is well-padded.


If you’re traveling by airplane it should also be TSA compliant. This will keep you from having to remove the laptop and you’ll be able to send it through screening inside the bag. It should be something that is comfortable even when close to your body and it should be capable of expanding and collapsing based on what’s inside. It needs to be comfortable so that you’re able to hold on to it the majority of the time without needing to put it down often.


You need to always keep an eye on your laptop and it should be taken with you everywhere that you go. For example, if you’re at the library and you need to go to the bathroom you don’t want to leave it and come back. You want to take it with you. Even if you feel that doing so sucks it’ll suck less than having it stolen or tampered with.

When staying at a hotel if you’re going to leave your laptop in the room while you leave to go somewhere, then you should put the do not disturb sign on the front of your door. While you might enjoy having the maid come in and clean the room you should only allow that to happen when you’re there or when the laptop is with you. Whenever you make certain that the fewest amount of people are in the room other than yourself, you reduce the possibility of anything happening to the laptop.


Obviously, if you are taking your laptop with you when you leave your room then you can certainly allow the maid to enter. If the worse comes, then you can consider leaving your laptop in the hotel safe but that should be only a last-ditch effort because they’re not nearly as safe as they are sometimes made out to be. You can also consider using a cable lock. This type of security can be cut by determined thieves but often if in a public place or if by someone that would just steal because it’s easy to do so, such locks can be a deterrent. Low-cost locks are available on Amazon.


There are also apps and security software that you can use to help you locate a laptop and they include ‘Find My Mac’ by Apple as well as ‘LoJack For Laptops’ and services like ‘Prey’. In situations where you think you might have left the laptop in the backseat of a taxi cab or if it somehow never made it off the plane, then these types of software and apps may work well. It is best to set these up before you begin your travels. You can use these in conjunction with reporting these issues to the authorities, especially if you think it’s been stolen, then this types of software can help you to recover your laptop.

Anytime you’re worried about someone actually accessing your laptop and getting information from it, then that is different than protecting it physically. This type of computer theft is more rare but it certainly does happen. There are things that an experienced computer hacker can do by connecting a USB drive to your computer or if they have a few minutes to actually turn on and access files on your computer.


There are things like port covers which can be placed on the computer but those things are inconvenient because they not only keep others from using your ports but they also keep you from doing so. There are number things that you could do to make your computer tamper-resistant but few things to make it truly tamper-proof. Just as with protecting it physically, one of the best ways to protect your computer from being tampered with is to keep it close by your side.


Many of these things are common sense but the main thing is that you keep your laptop close and work in places where you feel comfortable. If there’s anything about the place or area that you’re in that makes you feel nervous, leave that place and go to a place that you feel comfortable. It certainly is possible to travel safely and keep your laptop safe without any great fear that it’s going to go missing.

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