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Red Shoe Movement Signature Event 2017 Recap – Latinas Supporting Latinas


Red Shoe Movement Signature Event 2017 Recap – Latinas Supporting Latinas

On Friday, November 17th, I had the opportunity to attend the Red Shoe Movement Signature Event founded by Mariela Dabbah; special thanks to Olga Maria the founder of Dreams in Heels and Latinas Who Travel | Latinas Que Viajan. The Red Shoe Movement (RSM) is the first career movement created to empower Latinas to achieve their career goals by exchanging ideas/tips from experts in different professional fields. This was the first time that I had the pleasure of experiencing an event of this magnitude and I must say, the atmosphere was electric! I want to start by shouting out and give special thanks to all the panelists: Honorary Guest, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President, CEO of Celebrity Cruises and from the executive circle John Basile, Head of D&I at Fidelity Investments, Katherine Blostein, Partner at Outten & Golden LLP, Alejandro Barranca, HR Head LACan Oncology of Novartis, Lucia Ballas-Traynor, EVP Client Services at Hemisphere Media Group, Frank Gomez, Exec.Dir. External Relations at ETS and Elizabeth Nieto, Global Chief D&I Officer at MetLife.

Red Shoe Movement Signature Event 2017 Recap

The Red Shoe Movement Signature event began sharply at 8:00 AM. Our day started off with Annerys Rodriguez, the event director/coordinator who was kind enough to guide us throughout the entire event so that we would feel right at home.  As soon as you arrived to the event, you had to check-in to get your nametags, raffle tickets (Red shoes giveaway) and RSM pamphlet. After check-in, we made our way to the main conference room to have a delicious breakfast and network with other participants. After filling up our tummies, we were taken to another conference room to start the fun with a series of workshops. Participants were given the opportunity to choose and discuss two key career advancement topics. The workshop promoted empowering topics such as Discover Your Passion, Your Personal Brand Already Exist, How to Have Difficult Conversations, and Proven Negotiation Strategies, among others. Moreover, participants were encouraged to choose from two different roles. First, we had to play the expert role, meaning already having experience and knowledge of the topic or just sharing helpful tips on the subject at hand. And second, we also had the role of the explorer in which participants get to ask as many questions as they like so they could learn more about the topic.

Founder of Red Shoe Movement Mariela Dabbah

Founder of Red Shoe Movement Mariela Dabbah

The essence of the RSM Signature Event revolved around empowering and motivational ideas that included: overcoming stereotypes in the business world, learning from failure and finding your passion. In order to back-up these ideals honorary guest, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President and CEO of Celebrity Cruises was the motivational speaker to shedding light on overcoming adversity and gender inequality in the workplace.

Founder of Celebrity Cruises, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo - red shoe movement - latinas who travel movement

Founder of Celebrity Cruises, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo


Ms. Lutoff-Perlo started off by stating “you are the only thing that stands in your way to achieve success”. That sentence resonated with me because oftentimes we are our own worst enemy. Our negative thoughts and perception place a limit in our ability to reach our complete potential. As a result, she recommends not thinking about stereotypes but rather encouraging women to take jobs that are led by men to try and change the status quo. In addition, Ms. Lutoff-Perlo also emphasizes that many people are stuck in “linear career advancement”; which is the traditional way of going to college, getting a job and just slowly moving up the ladder. However, she explains that “non-linear career advancement” is actually better because the more things you learn by doing different functions can make you a more valuable, well-rounded and indispensable person. All in all, after an amazing electrifying speech I came out wanting to incorporate all her ideas into my life. These types of events are wonderful because for a quick day you have people that mentor you and potentially change your entire life.

Latinas Who Travel at Red Shoe Movement

Moreover, we had the opportunity to learn from the experiences of the Executive Circle on “The Power of Failure”. Below are some of the questions and answers that one must consider to be successful in your career:

  1. What’s the importance of learning from failure?

Make sure to establish a reputation because whom you are is what makes you stand out from the crowd. If mistakes were made don’t beat yourself for it. At the end we are all human beings. There might be a learning opportunity at the end that will move you towards the right direction. Everything happens for a reason. Instead think about how a mistake might lead towards an opportunity. – John Basile


  1. How do millennial see failures? Millennial are open to feedback?

“Millennial are open to feedback and if it is not giving to them, the will ask for it. They want the same thing we already have accomplished”, said katherine Blostein. For example, career success and financial stability. All panelists agreed that millennial are very expressive. They don’t think about doing things twice, they just go for it.


  1. Do you think is hard for women to be successful while parenting?

Well things are changing. The men are now being stay home dads while women are the ones bringing the money to the house. Overall man and women are making it through just fine. Also, women unlike man just put too much pressure on themselves when it comes to parenting. Don’t feel guilty about it. – Alejandro Barranca


Being a participant of the Red Shoe Movement was one the best experiences I have had. There were about 200 participants seeking and sharing very useful advice. The workshops are truly amazing for those looking for motivation or ideas to improve their career. Stay tune on for future events make sure to visit


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