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Seeing More of the World for Less: A Few Tips on how to travel on a budget


We all want to make the most out of our vacation, but often settle with a popular resort, as that’s all we can afford. If you would like to take your adventure travel to the next level, you might want to start thinking about alternative solutions on how to travel on a budget. You can see more of the world if you choose the right mode of transport and take advantage of the different offers and opportunities. Below you will find a few tips on how to stay on budget and still see more places and attractions.

Europe Train Cards for Young People

Seeing More of the World for Less: A Few Tips In case you always wanted to discover Europe, you can plan a multiple destination vacation, visiting some of the cities in your bucket list. If you happen to be under 26, you can get a youth card that is valid for a few months or even a year at a discounted price that will give you access to unlimited travel by train across Europe. Check out the different deals and the restrictions and plan your long haul travel to Europe.

Hiring a Boat

travel on a budget - traveling on a boatIf you are visiting remote locations, you will be able to get a boat. You don’t have to own one; there are plenty of boat share companies in every continent that will offer you a better price and more flexibility than a cruise. It might, however, be a good idea to check whether or not your boat license is valid in the country, or take a local guide with you to navigate you through the unknown waters.

Custom Itinerary with Local Agents

In case you are planning to visit Asia or Africa, you might be better off talking to a local travel agent or a family-run business instead of signing up in your own country. You will not only benefit from better prices, but more customization options, too. You can, for example, get a private taxi driver who will take you around the cities and attractions you wanted to see for less than it would cost you to go on a tour.

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Car Hire

If you are happy to drive and explore the new country behind the wheel, you can also benefit from hiring a car or even a motorbike or moped. If your holiday destination has limited public transport, you will end up being stuck in the hotel, unless you get your own motor. You will find private local companies offering affordable vehicles for long term, so you can go off the beaten path and see more of the country for the price of gas. You can get out of the tourist strip and see how people really live in the country without paying travel agents for a group visit.

We all want to see the real life in a country we visit and mix with locals to feel the atmosphere and understand the culture better. Next time you plan a trip abroad, consider these ways of getting there and moving between locations to capture the substance of the country.


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