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Smart Travel Tips to Staying Safe While Backpacking – Advice for Latina Backpackers


Embarking on a backpacking adventure means that you’re going to have a lot of your belongings on your back most of the time. Or stacked away in a bag somewhere in a hostel – either way, you’ll be an easier target and it’s a good idea to stay alert of the risks around you. There is, after all, no faster way to take the fun out of a holiday than being thoroughly robbed or stolen from when you’re about halfway.

Smart Tips to Staying Safe While BackpackingHere is a quick guide to how you can stay as safe as possible while enjoying your adventure. Make it a habit when you’re traveling, in general, and you’ll minimize the risk of any misfortunes in future as well.

Be street smart

Alright, it’s not necessarily your fault if someone steals from you but there are ways to look a bit less appealing to potential thieves. While it may seem obvious it’s worth mentioning nonetheless; don’t bring anything expensive except for your phone and perhaps a camera, always leave your jewellery behind and see if the hostel might offer a safe where you can store your other valuables such as passports.

Dress in casual clothes when you’re out roaming the city and keep your eyes out in case someone should slip their hand into your or your friend’s bag. It’s the kind of thing that makes you the best travel companion ever.

Smart Tips to Staying Safe While BackpackingDon’t fiddle around or seem confused while you’re at the ATM; you’ll look like the most naive tourist and someone is bound to notice. Always decline if they notice and offer to help, by the way, as these thieves are professional and will steal both your PIN and card without you even noticing.

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Even though you’d like to be polite and friendly, it’s a good idea to decline any help with luggage as well. However nice they may seem, you really don’t want to risk someone running off with your backpack, into the crowd of people and gone forever.

Smart Tips to Staying Safe While Backpacking

Prioritize safekeeping

It’s easy to get distracted when you’re traveling so try to keep your valuables within eyesight at all times. Don’t flash your smartphone if you’re out on public transport, never wear anything gold or silver as someone might literally rip it right off you in the middle of the street, and always remember to check if you have everything before leaving a restaurant or similar.

Consider investing in the ever-trendy fanny pack as well and keep it under your clothing while you’re out. It’s quite practical too, by the way, as you’ll have easy access to everything you need instead of having to dig through a bag. Some backpacks have these super clever anti-theft systems to them, by the way, so check out for some of the best ones. That way, you’ll be able to feel even more secure about your belongings.You can’t blame yourself if someone steals your stuff but there are a few ways to prevent it. Be vigilant for your own sake as well as your travel companions and you’ll all be able to keep an eye out for each other – it’s the kind of stuff that keeps the thieves away and makes your holiday a lot better.


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