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The Best Travel Gift – Travel with your Own Personal Photographer to capture authentic experiences

The Best travel gift - Travel with your own personal photographer to capture authentic experiences

The Best Travel Gift – Travel with your Own Personal Photographer to capture authentic experiences

Why do you travel? Some people travel to relax, others to spend time with family and friends but regardless, most enjoy creating memories for their lifetime. We do all know that true travelers treasure memories and local experiences over anything else. As a traveler myself, one of the best gifts that I have received and continue to cherish most are professional photos that transport me back to that moment and let me relive that instant in time. So, why not give yourself or your someone special that opportunity with one of the best travel gifts: a destination tour with a personal photographer? Whether the photoshoot is for work (like for your blog) or a special occasion (like a wedding, engagement or family travel), it will be a memory to value, for you and others, for always!

As a traveler, sometimes we get to visit a place once, since we want to see other destinations on our bucket list. We mostly invest the time and money in going to these places because of the everlasting memories and experiences to be discovered there. Don’t you like to hold tight to those memories for years and years to come? The best way to leave the footprints behind and take those memories with you is by taking the best photos possible to later enjoy those moments moving forward. Since travelers truly treasure memories, let me tell you about our most recent discovery, the perfect gift and add on to your next vacation, The Dovetail Experience.

As the catchy name hints, The Dovetail Experience is a premier service that utilizes local professionals (wherever you are traveling) in order to meet your photographic needs and capture your authentic travel moments and experiences. In other words, it is a vacation photography company that helps connect travelers with local photographers (your own personal photographer) to create treasured memories. And, as you know, Latinas Who Travel is all about supporting female and minority owned businesses just like The Dovetail Experience.

Latinas Who Travel had the pleasure to recently speak with one of the owners, Mr. Sheehan Fisher.  As Sheehan eloquently explained LWT : “As an African-American who is married to a Latina, I realize that our diversity influences our view of travel. We did not grow up knowing this was a possibility and how much of the world we were missing.  Latinas Who Travel encourages Latina women to break the mold and explore beyond their wildest dreams. Dovetail Experience emphasizes diversity, as seen by a Latina woman being highlighted in our website’s cover photo. We value the work being done by Latinas Who Travel to support the same mission.”

Fisher started the company along with his wife because they have a passion for travel, and experiencing the world and other cultures. Fisher shared, “My wife and I renew our vows in a different country every year and I wanted photos to take home that would make me feel like I could relive my experiences. I realized that it is difficult to find quality photographers and not have to pay wedding photography prices, so I thought that others would want a hub where they can get affordable, high-quality photographers for their special memories.”

Dovetail experience love story

Wilmarie and Sheehan Fisher

Peaked your interest? Well, here’s what else makes The Dove Tail Experience unique and why their vacation photoshoot is the best gift for any traveler.
  1. A vacation photoshoot with a personal local photographer (who knows the best spots) guarantees that you will get the best photos possible and get a true feeling of the destination.  The local photographer can also recommend hidden gems, off-the-beaten path locations that most tourists wouldn’t know about. What a great, indirect way to obtain the best advice for where to go to explore a city!
  2. Working with locals is another good way to give back to that country’s economy, especially as you’ll be supporting local artists/entrepreneurs.
  3. No more lower quality pictures, missed moments, one person always left out or awkward photo angles.
  4. They have personal photographers in the North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania.
  5. They pride themselves on providing affordable rates compared to their competitors and on working with personable photographers who know the depths of what the city has to offer.
  6. They tailor packages to singles, couples, families, for any type of activity including engagements, honeymooners, family gatherings and even destination weddings.
  7. Some of their locations also offer affordable videography that really bring your memories to life.
  8. They highlight and emphasize diversity and cater to all types of travelers, including gender, race/ethnicity, and sexuality. They want all travelers to have a special experience and feel beautiful on their vacation.
  9.  Most importantly, you will have a souvenir to take home which you and your loved ones can treasure and cherish for decades!

Wilmarie and Sheehan Fisher also shared: “After a vacation is complete, the photos are what really keep the memories alive. We want for this experience to be affordable for travelers of all backgrounds.”

Based on their experiences, they recommended the following destinations as best places for a trip: Rio de Janeiro, Venice, New Zealand, Cape Town, Iceland.

So, in addition to planning an amazing getaway, why not ensure to create a keepsake that will specifically reflect your experiences. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the resulting images from the Dovetail Experience will speak volumes forever.

Are you inspired to book your ticket, your own personal photographer and just go? I know that I am! Visit for more information!

Olga Maria
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