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Tips for Dental Tourism – Where to Go and Why


There’s never been more of a need for affordable dentistry, and traveling abroad to find better prices has become very much an option for many individuals. It doesn’t matter where you currently live, times are tough everywhere. But where are the best places to go for dental tourism?


Luckily, there are lots of options for dental tourism, no matter where you live. Patients from anywhere in the world can save as much as seventy percent on their dental bills simply by traveling abroad. The best options appear to be countries within your own continent. The most important thing is to check out the top destinations for dental tourism near you, learn which ones will save you money, and start planning your trip.

Needless to say in the case of needing an emergency dentist, an option like this doesn’t work, however it can be ideal for pre-planned more cosmetic dentistry.


Dental Tourism in Thailand


Thailand has some of the best and most modern dental hospitals worldwide. This tropical locale has treated tens of thousands of dental tourists successfully. The most frequent visitors to Thailand are New Zealanders, Canadians, Australians, and Americans.

Spanish Dental Tourism


Dentistry is quite affordable in Spain, and always has been. However, the Spanish economy is currently dealing with severe deflation, causing the prices to decrease even more. The most frequent dental tourists to Spain are the English, Germans, and Irish.


Dental Tourism in Turkey


Turkey allows dental tourists to stand at the border between ancient and modern treatment, all while receiving skilled dental care from highly trained professionals.

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Czech Republic Dental Tourists


In the heart of historic Prague, you can find high quality dental care for a great price. Fly on an inexpensive airline for less than a filling would cost you in a higher priced country. The most frequent dental tourists are the Austrians, Germans, English, and Swiss.

Dental Tourism in Dubai


The Emirates have custom tailored this entire city to meet the needs of any and all travelers, including but certainly not limited to dental tourists. This luxurious middle eastern city allows you to relax while saving thousands of dollars on much needed dental care. Americans, English, Germans, Swiss, and Austrians all find lower cost dental work here.


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Dental Tourism in the Philippines


This exotic and beautiful destination allows you to enjoy high quality dentistry at a reasonable price. Enjoy the hospitality that the city is known for as you receive essential dental care. The most frequent visitors include Kiwis, Australians, Americans, and Canadians.


Polish Dental Tourism


Enjoy some of the best dental care, only a quick plane or train ride from Scandinavia and Western Europe. The most frequent dental tourists here are Norwegians, Swedish, Danish, Germans, Austrians, and the English.


Costa Rican Dental Tourism


Visit the natural beauty that Costa Rica has to offer while receiving the dental treatment that you need from experienced American trained dentists. In addition, save money on dental care while you enjoy a trip throughout a beautiful area that you’ll never forget. The most frequent visitors to this area are Canadians and Americans.

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Dental Tourism in Hungary


Hungary is among the premier destinations in Europe for dental tourism, featuring high class dentists, state of the art facilities, and multiple tourist attractions. Visit to learn why dental patients worldwide have made it one of the most popular dental tourist destinations. Some of the most frequent dental tourists to Hungary are the French, Americans, Danish, English, Irish, Germans, and Austrians.


Dental Tourism in Mexico


If you live close to Mexico, consider flying to a resort town like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, or Cabo San Lucas. Or if you live near the border, simply take a short drive for great dental care at a much lower price. Americans and Canadians are the most frequent visitors to Mexico for dental tourism.











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