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What do you know about Kentucky? Well chances are you might have heard of one of the more famous exports, its bourbon whisky and you might then have heard of the infamous Kentucky Bourbon Trail but did you know there’s much more to this region than whisky?

Join us here in this travel blog as we explore the often-overlooked side of this area and whet your appetite for some travel and adventure in this fascinating part of the world.

As you set off from your lodging near Kentucky Bourbon Trail you’ll have the chance to see the real side to this area famous for its smooth sipping whisky and horse riding. But as the tourism slogan suggests, life really is ‘better in the bluegrass’ when you take into account the many other activities and attractions on offer.


If music is something you’re really into, then you can’t afford to miss the chance to explore the home of bluegrass music and find out about the many stars who hailed from this part of the USA, particularly those involved in the Country music scene.

Travel down Country Music Highway and find the birthplaces of Billy Ray Cyrus and Loretta Lynn to name but two of the big names associated with Kentucky. Then find your way to the Country Music Highway Museum or the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame Museum in Rosine, to explore the life of the man known as the father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe.You’ll be more than likely to find yourself treated to impromptu performances from street musicians as you travel around the area and you’ll have your pick from the plethora of music festivals that take place all year round. Check out listings on your favorite travel blog or from the Kentucky tourism pages.


If you want to know more about the area, including the Civil Rights Movement then there are plenty of museums and heritage sites that you’ll want to pay a visit to. But of course, the one attraction you can’t ignore is the Bourbon Trail and why not? It’s a fascinating and tasty trip. Make time to visit the many distilleries in the region and see what all the fuss is about. Make sure you pick up a few bottles as gifts for the folks back home who won’t get to taste the real thing in the place it’s made in.

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Alongside the culture and music there is of course the horseracing, as Kentucky is home to the famous, eponymously-named derby. But outdoor fans will be able to pick up a round of golf, go biking, caving or just simply spend some time in the great outdoors.

The scenery around this area is breath-taking with waterfalls beautiful backdrops and acres of wilderness just waiting to be explored.

It’s the perfect place for families, couples or solo voyagers, in short, anyone with a taste for adventure, the great outdoors, horses and of course, bourbon. Book your trip today, you won’t regret it.


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