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Less Is Always More When It Comes To Travel – Packing Tips from a Minimalist Traveler


To make space for things that add value to your life, you have to get rid of unnecessary possessions. That is the first step to a minimalistic mindset. This is the same kind of approach you need to take when it comes to travel. Even if you are not a minimalist traveler, you should still travel like one. Traveling should be all about adventures and creating experiences, not about the unnecessary clutter we bring along for the ride. Below are some helpful tips to travel like a minimalist and save room for more experiences:


  1. Use a Hard Shell Suitcase

Although hard-shell suitcases are more expensive, they tend to last longer and are lighter to travel with. They also allow you to put a limit to how much you can pack, as they don’t expand. They are also great for carrying fragile items as the protective outer shell can guard your valuables during transit.

  1. Do Not Bring Your Laptop

Unless you are a writer, you shouldn’t need to bring your laptop on a week-long trip. With smartphones being able to do almost everything nowadays, bringing your laptop seems unnecessary. Not to mention how aggravating and time consuming packing and unpacking can be at checkpoints throughout the airport. Besides, is it truly a vacation if you’re bringing all of your anxiety from work with you across the globe? Take some time to disconnect and enjoy the adventure.

  1. Pack Light Interchangeable Outfits

Our lives are complicated enough, why complicate our vacations with a complex wardrobe. Pack the items that you can substitute with different outfits, that way you maximize luggage space. As much as you want to bring 10 different outfits, it’s just going to create more pain for you than likes on a future.

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Less Is Always More When It Comes To Travel - Packing Tips from a Minimalist Traveler


Here is what you should pack for a flexible, cute and comfortable week getaway trip:

  • 1 plain pair of jeans
  • 1 light neutral jacket
  • 1 cute sundress
  • 1 little black dress
4 fun shirts (T-shirts, tank tops, short-sleeve button-downs)
  • 2 pairs of shorts
  • 2 swimsuits
  • 1 swimsuit cover-up
  • 1 flirty sun hat
  • 1 pair walking shoes/sandals
  • 1 pair dressy shoes/sandals
  • 1 evening purse
Extra socks and underwear
Bras (strapless and otherwise)
  • Inexpensive neutral accessories


  1. Roll It Up

A small secret that most travelers don’t know is that you can actually conserve space by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. Mostly made popular by the armed forces, hence the name ‘Army Roll,’ these soldiers were instructed to roll their clothes to save space as they travel. Stack the bulkiest items first into the bottom and corners and then pack your lighter clothes on top.

  1. Only Pack Essential Items

Forget about the “what if” items like an umbrella, pillow, nail clippers etc. If you happen to need those things, they might even be cheaper abroad. Not to mention, that searching for these items in a different country might turn into an experience of its own.

  1. Do Not Buy Souvenirs Knickknacks

Your parents and friends probably don’t care about the cute coffee mug or street painting you thought was a great deal. Instead of buying unnecessary clutter for your house or theirs, share your experiences. I’m sure that the bonding experience will be more meaningful than the souvenir.



Thanks for reading and happy light travels! Learn how to be a Minimalist for a better experience and to save money.

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    August 13, 2017 at 1:27 am

    I love this article! I will be embarking on my first trip abroad to Europe in the upcoming weeks and I have challenged myself to pack as lightly as possible. I want to savor the moment without having to worry about dragging a bunch of items I don’t need.

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