3 Cool Reasons to Go Traveling Somewhere Frosty


If you’re anything like the majority of people, when you think about your dream holiday, you probably see visions of tropical sun-soaked beaches, with coconuts and piña coladas all around, the sound of lapping waves in the distance, and the kind of heat that could cook an egg if you left it out for too long. And sure, holidays in the sun can be great. There’s certainly nothing wrong with them. But have you ever considered flipping the script completely, abandoning the island paradise dream, and venturing off to somewhere really cold in order to seek your adventures? It turns out that holiday destinations which feature an abundance of ice, snow, and chilly winds, have a lot to offer. Maybe more than you’ve considered. So, without further ado, here are some reasons to go traveling somewhere cold.

traveling somewhere cold winter destinations

Winter sports can be an incredible rush

When most people talk of “sports” they’re typically thinking about the kinds of very physical activities that teams of people play in fields. Stuff like soccer, baseball, rugby, and so on. You might have decided at a pretty young age that “sports” aren’t really your thing.

Winter sports, however, can be a completely different experience. When you strap yourself into a pair of skis or a snowboard, you’re participating in an activity that can seem to defy the normal laws of nature. As soon as you’re able to keep your balance and steer with any degree of reliability, you’ll find yourself whipping down slopes as if you were flying through the sky. Every turn becomes an artful man-oeuvre.

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So, if you feel like getting out on the powder, Vail Ski Rentals or similar services may be the perfect avenue of adventure for your wintry getaway.

ski winter destinations

The world looks completely different when covered in snow, and it can be absolutely beautiful

Unless you live, or have lived, in an area which is prone to freeze over in winter, you likely have little to no clue just how incredibly different the world can look when carpeted under a blanket of white.

Wintry landscapes are simply different from others, in all kinds of dramatic and intangible ways. The air is still, the ground is uniform, it’s like the world is sleeping but still rich with energy and potential waiting to burst forth.

Whether your trip takes you to the mountain peaks of the Alps, or to the Nordic arctic in search of the Northern Lights, the experience is likely to be truly breathtaking.

It helps you to appreciate the simple comforts

Part of what makes a vacation great is the moment when you return home and feel extra grateful just to be going to sleep in your own bed and settling into familiar surroundings.

Traveling to a cold snow-coated location can help to significantly enhance this particular benefit, as you’ll become extra aware of all the little things that you enjoy, which you typically take for granted when at home.

Not having to wear half a dozen layers of clothing, or having the wind sting your face, for example.

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