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8 Divine Destinations for Your Next Girly Vacay

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8 Divine Destinations for Your Next Girly Vacay

Heading off on a vacation with your girls is exactly what you love to do; whether you’re hopping on a plane, train or luxury yacht you always know you’re going to create the best memories. When it comes to planning a trip of a lifetime there are certain elements you need to have in order. Arguably, the divine destination is the key decision to make in the first place and with so many of you going on the trip, how are you supposed to keep everybody happy? If you had a list of some of the best holiday spots you could take your pick and explore them all within your lifetime; there would be no difficult decisions at all! Travel is supposed to be an enriching experience full of fun, joy, culture and stunning sights. Everybody who travels to see the world wants to come home with a pocketful of knowledge and a camera full of photographs, so it is time to get inspired for your next trip abroad with the girls. You are bound to fall in love with all of the following places so it will just be a case of where to choose first

1. Inspirational Indonesia

If you have never been to Indonesia before, then you must pay a visit to the wonderful island of Java. It is an enchanting place which makes up over half of the country’s population; bursting with stunning natural beauty and manmade scenes, this is why Java is such an interesting place to visit. Before you start planning your trip you might want to find an authentic Indonesian property to rent for the period of your stay. Look here for more information on the different areas you can stay and rent accommodation, If there is a large group of you going on a trip, renting a house is probably the cheapest, safest and most practical option, so find a place that is within your budget and in the area of Indonesia that excites you the most. If you happen to choose Java, you won’t be disappointed in the array of activities and cuisine available to you, from fantastic festivals to fresh fish you won’t know where to begin. The adventurer inside you will also love the views of the beautiful volcanoes and mountain ranges in the vibrant capital of Jakarta. If you are looking for a stunningly picturesque place full of welcoming locals and delicious food, then Indonesia will certainly suit you and your friends.

8 Divine Destinations for Your Next Girly Vacay2. Choose China

If you are looking for a truly distinctive destination, then China is certainly the place for you and your girlfriends to visit. Many westerners will recognize China as the home of the cute and cuddly giant panda and you would be right in thinking there are several sanctuaries for you to visit. Getting up close and personal with these gentle giants might just be one of the most memorable experiences of your entire life. In addition to this unforgettable activity, you could also embrace some of the most authentic and traditional sights within the city of Leshan. The huge giant sculpture of the Buddha which is carved into the side of a mountain is absolutely breathtaking. This has remained a huge part of Sichuan since around the eighth century, so is certainly worth a visit when you get there. The cuisine in China also cannot be forgotten; every dish is authentically crafted and bursting with fresh flavour as soon as it hits your palette. Choosing China as your next holiday destination will probably be one of the most enlightening and enriching vacations you ever embark upon.

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3. Divine Dubai

You will already have seen the stunning scenes and architecture that Dubai has to offer, simply by scrolling through Instagram hashtags. If you manage to take a trip there it surely will not disappoint you. The hotels are exquisitely modern and are an amazing juxtaposition to the classic and historic cultures throughout Dubai itself. If you are looking for a holiday bursting with class, sophistication and luxury, then Dubai should be your first port of call. Whether you want to get active on a sand dune ride or relax with dinner in the desert, there is something for everybody to experience here. If you are a television nut, then the Warner Brother’s World has recently had its grand opening in Abu Dhabi; meet Wonder woman, ride thrilling roller coasters and immerse yourself in spectacular shows. This is the perfect way to spend a day reliving your childhood, so be sure to book tickets before you get there. Dubai has everything and more a girl could ask for so pick out your most glamourous dresses and dig out your passport because this is a must-do on your travel bucket list.

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4. The Luxuries of London

Heading to the Great British capital and exploring one of the busiest and famous cities in the world might just be your idea of the perfect trip. If you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation, this might not be quite right for you, but there are many other activities to indulge in whilst you’re there. Whether you take a ride on a big red bus or watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace you won’t be disappointed with the array of things to do in lovely London. Grab a bite to eat at Sketch in central London; a classic cup of tea with a cucumber sandwich and fruit scone is one of the best ways to experience true British cuisine. There are some truly extraordinary hotels that you could stay in from the stunning Langham to the Shard. Take a ride on the famous London Eye for a bird’s eye view of the entire city; the sophisticated skylines and historic buildings will truly take your breath away. The weather can be quite changeable in good old London town, so make sure you pack for all weathers May, June and September tend to be some of the milder months so bare this in mind when you plan your trip to England.

5. Magic in the Maldives

If you’re looking for something a little more exotic and isolated then the Maldives is the perfect place for you to switch off from the real world and relax. With crystal clear blue oceans, golden sand beaches and ultimate quiet you can bet your bottom dollar that the Maldives will feel like pure magic to you. Whether you eat in the famous underwater restaurant or you simply want to relax on an isolated beach all day long, you will come home feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalized after this kind of vacation. Make sure you book all of these Maldives experiences in advanced because many will already be fully subscribed.

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6. Perfectly Peru

Escaping to South America and experiencing the wonders of Peru will not disappoint. The marvelous mountains and luscious green forests give you many open opportunities to explore the sights and sounds. The mountains and forests are arguably the most popular tourist spots, due to their truly stunning beauty. You have to visit these places for yourself to truly understand how awe-inspiring they are; no words can describe the break taking feeling you will get when you experience these sights for the first time. Visit Machu Picchu for another historic experience, which is bursting with ancient architecture, as well as a quietly mysterious atmosphere. If you’re looking to be inspired then Peru will be perfect for you.

7. Fabulous France

Who wouldn’t want to be swept off their feet and showered with love in Paris? The capital of France is certainly a romantic and divine destination for anybody seeking culture, good wine and historic landmarks. If you are a fan of wine then you need to take a trip to one of the famous vineyards in the city of Bordeaux. After a long day of tasting the exquisite reds, whites and roses you can grab a spot of dinner in one of the many restaurants the city has to offer. You can’t pay a visit to France without visiting the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre museum; they are simply must-sees when you take the trip to Paris. Full of love, luxury and incredible shopping, you and the girls won’t be disappointed with this trip.

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8. Spectacular Spain

If you are looking for sun, sangria and sand, then Spain is simply calling your name. Hit the famous city of Marbella for a truly extravagant experience on your trip to Spain. You will not only be able to attend lavish pool parties in the center of Marbella, but you can also take some much needed downtime in the beautiful Old Town. If you’re feeling super adventurous, you could hire a yacht for the day and take a tour of the island from the crystal clear sea. You are guaranteed some sunshine whatever time of year you choose to visit so make sure you pack your hat and sunscreen.

You and your girls are bound to find the perfect holiday destination from these eight divine destinations. There is truly something for everybody, whether it’s sunshine or scenery!

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