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Culturally-attuned Mindful traveling tips for Latinxs around the world!

Culturally-attuned Mindful traveling tips for Latinos - latinas traveling around the globe

Culturally-attuned Mindful traveling tips for Latinxs around the world!

Culturally-attuned? Yes, I am talking about culture and I am adapting mindfulness teachings to be Latinx friendly! Why? So the Latinx community can take advantage of research-proven benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

For many years I traveled for work and for fun during this time I felt like my life was out-balance. I found myself not enjoying my trips, instead I was feeling drained, disconnected, and tired most of the time. So I started to wonder why and how some people were able to balance work and life and still be successful, happy, and resilient in life.

Culturally-attuned Mindful traveling tips for Latinxs

As I mentioned before, for many years, during travel I used to define and divide my travel as either traveling for business or traveling for pleasure. One of the key learnings after many years of studying, practicing, and teaching mindfulness and meditation is that there is no need to have a division between the two. Mindfulness has allowed me to find a new way to see and experience life at home and at work. I wouldn’t say that my life is perfect, however I am now able to manage my emotions, feel joy, find balance, and find inner peace within me even if I am at home or on the road. 


When I used to label my travel as “for business” or “for pleasure” I would automatically turn my mindset into either trying to over-achieve, fulfill social expectations (that created a lot of anxiety); and at times I just started to see travel as a burden because it made me feel detached from the world and its expectations.

Mindful traveling tips for Latinxs - cultural - society expectations - solo female travel latina

So in this short article, I want to share with you some culturally-attuned traveling tips based on the seven principles of mindfulness that may help you blend the two experiences and find joy, balance, and ease during your travel (both for business and for pleasure)!. 

Me gusta / No me gusta (NON-JUDGING)

I invite you to try to walk around and do your sightseeing without paying much attention to our inner voice that loves to classify all of our internal and external experiences as either good or bad. Sometimes unconsciously we miss a lot in our experiences because we are preoccupied in our minds with liking and disliking things. 

¡Respira! (PATIENCE)

No good or bad experience or emotion is permanent. So, I invite you to take lots of deep breaths when frustration, impatience, irritation or anger visit you while traveling. Maybe is there something you can learn from these experiences or emotions arising during your travel? 


Como la Primera Vez (BEGINNER’S MIND)

This one is easy because naturally when we travel we are curious and open to new things, new places, and new everything. Remember to be curious and adopt an attitude of trying something for the first time! Remember this applies for business and pleasure travel.

Confia en ti (TRUST)

Trust yourself and your intuition, this will keep you safe and adventurous while you travel. Your gut is right most of the time so listen to it!


¡Solamente tú! (NON-STRIVING)

Your goal for the trip and everyday is to be yourself, this attitude will ease any anxieties and allow you to be you, anywhere you are. Making your travel connections and experiences more meaningful and relaxing. 

Dejalo ir (LETTING GO)

Don’t cling to a bad experience or thought, just let it go!  How can you do this? By letting things be, don’t try to grasp or push away what is happening.


Es lo que es (ACCEPTANCE)

See things as they are and not through the judgment filter of our minds. If you missed your flight, you missed it, that’s it. No need to be so harsh on ourselves, instead just learn from each experience through self-compassion, kindness, and acceptance. 


I hope you enjoyed these traveling tips, feel free to contact me If you want to further your mindfulness practice. I offer online courses throughout the year at very affordable prices, and I also offer scholarships! Visit my site below or follow me on social media.

Bon Voyage! Buen viaje!


This is a contribution by Criss A. Cuervo who is a Teacher, Speaker, and Writer. You can visit her website for more information.

You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

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