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Latina Wanderlust: Meet Yoga/Meditation Expert, Ashley Rose


Nice to see you once again! This is an ongoing travel series: Latina Wanderlust in which you will get to know different ladies from our latina travel community “(all ages, sizes, colors and shapes welcomed)” and their point of view about vacationing with others, traveling solo as a latina, woman of color or honorary latina. You can find travel inspiration, tips and more. Let’s get to know Ashley Rose! She is a 34 year old Yoga Teacher/ Reiki Master who has a passion for Dance and Art. She is also the founder of The Latin Yoga Movement.


A little bit about Ashley:

From Fashion Editor, Celebrity Stylist,  working the runways of New York Fashion Week, Ashley Rose has bloomed from Fashionista to Yogi.

Latina Wanderlust: Meet Yoga/Meditation Expert, Ashley Rose


1) How did you prepare for your traveling?

Looking for yoga studios in the area, packing essentials including sample size beauty products, daily outfits, and a pharmacy in my bag just in case lol


2) What makes you decide where you will travel to?
  • Purpose & Intention
  • Price, Flights Available, Located near other tourist sites


3) Did you travel alone or with a group/ What is your preference?

I have traveled alone and with a group, my preference would be with a group because you get to learn and connect with different people from all around the world and sharing memories with those you love is priceless. When you travel with a group you can take time to yourself so you get to experience the best of both worlds. It’s not about where you go, it’s about who you go with.

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4) How many destinations have you been to?

I have traveled to Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Florida, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten, Barbados, Costa Rica, North Carolina, Vermont, Maine, St. Thomas, Cancun, Mexico, Las Vegas, New Orleans, some of my favorite travels were on cruise ships.


5) What has been your most favorite destination and why?

Costa Rica because it is where I did my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and because it was Pura Vida and pure magic:  the organic food, people, animals, beaches, and culture are unforgettable

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6) What has been your least favorite destination and why?

I loved every destination, each had their own personal magic in each of the places and moments

7) Why do you travel?

To explore my spiritual journey, learn about different cultures, and taste foods from around the world


8) Do you think your travel experiences help others? How?

My goal is to host yoga retreats around the world where we go into the communities and volunteer with a non profit organization and provide yoga to their communities and any assistance we can provide.


9) Why is traveling a fascination for you?

I am in love with people I have not met and places I have yet to visit.


10) What do you learn that is the same from traveling around the world?

We are one, we are all connected, and we are all the same all we want is to be happy and be loved

Credit: Alejandro Cerdena Photography


11) Do you find it hard to travel as a Latina?

No because I speak both English & Spanish

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12) As a Latina, do you find it easy to stay away from tropical destinations?

No, everyday I think about packing and moving to an island


13) What are some struggles you faced traveling as a Latin woman?

I felt as if I was targeted at airport to search my bag because I am Latina.


14) Did your family encourage you to travel?

Yes, I didn’t grow up traveling because we couldn’t afford it but my Dad supports all of my travels even though he worries, as long as I let him know I’m safe.


15) As a Latina woman traveling solo, what myths or misconceptions have you heard?

As a Latina we shouldn’t travel by ourselves, Latinas are loud, we overpack, and we wear heels with everything lol


16) What are your families view on it? (Pertains to question 15)

My Dad suggest that as a Latina I should not leave the resort or travel outside of hotel by myself.


Check out Ashley’s Meditation as you travel tips here!












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