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Meditate On Your Travels! Tips From A Yoga And Meditation Expert

Meditate On Your Travels! Tips From A Yoga And Meditation Expert

In our hectic lives and increasingly fast pace of life, meditation can help with health problems, stress, trauma and anxiety by way of thought, contemplation, and reflection. While you are on the plane, in the middle of your massage, watching the beach waves, and/or in the hot tub take a moment to be present and enjoy the sounds of nature around you while you meditate.


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As a Yoga Teacher and Founder of The Latin Yoga Movement, I incorporate Meditation (Dhyana) at the beginning of my classes to help my students let go, breath, and relax into their yoga practice. Yoga is not just about getting into the pose it is so much deeper than that and meditation helps us reach Samadhi which is a spiritual experience that opens us to the highest state of consciousness and inner bliss.

Meditate On Your Travels! Tips From A Yoga And Meditation Expert


Yoga & Meditation is a Journey to the Self Through the Self: Try these steps below:


  1. Come to Sit in a Comfortable Seated Position
  2. Begin to close your eyes
  3. Begin to be aware of your breath and just breathe slowly and deeply, with each breath allow yourself to become more deeply relaxed letting go of any tension or stress
  4. Roll Your Shoulders Back
  5. Bring your spine long and straight
  6. Reach the crown of your head towards the sky
  7. Roll Your Head Around in Circles Right To Left until you feel ready to meditate
  8. Repeat this Mantra: “I find joy and healing in my traveling journey” repeat it 108 times or how ever many times you have the time for

(choose a different mantra depending on what you are feeling or going through, whenever you   find yourself distracted come back to your Mantra )

  1. When you are ready slowly begin to open your eyes
  2. Bring a Journal with you and write about your magical encounters, adventures, and your spiritual journey everyday


*Set the mood with music, candles, incense, flowers, whatever makes your soul happy


As you begin to incorporate a daily meditation practice in your everyday life, you will be able to experience a deeper level of consciousness anywhere you go. As you become more mindful through meditation, every experience will come to you in a more richer vibrant way. Your mind and body are interconnected, the burdens we carry around with us become part of your everyday thoughts even when we are on vacation. Uplift & Motivate Yourself, fulfillment from within is the most valuable gift you can give yourself on your travels.

Meditate On Your Travels! Tips From A Yoga And Meditation Expert


Let Your Travels Guide Your Breath, Movement, & Meditation. Let your thoughts inspire your imagination into the depths of your soul. Go into the very source of yourself that is beyond effort that is your stillness, that is the beauty of meditating. Self care is about inclusion, total balance means not leaving anything out, we all have parts of ourselves we are not proud of..Everything about you is included in the light of kindness and support .Total balance begins with root causes, not cosmetic touches. Open your door and heart to the wholeness of your being. Realizing we are already complete leads to balance in our lives. The best motivation is inspiration, the best inspiration you can offer yourself is self compassion. The kindest thing you can do for yourself is nurture your inner personal growth. Find the time to take care of your mind, body, and spirit. There are so many benefits of meditation. Here are a few:


Meditation Benefits:


~True Bliss

~Gracefully Rebalance your entire system into a state of wholeness

~Find Your True Sense of Worthiness

~Inherent belief in yourself and self confidence

~Bypass Ego

~Let Go Of Judgement

~Restoration, Healing, & Recovery

~Find & Embrace Your True Authentic Self


We travel because we need to because distance and difference are the same tonic to creativity, when we get home, home is still the same but something in our minds has changed and that changes everything.

Meditate On Your Travels! Tips From A Yoga And Meditation Expert


As you move along in your traveling journey, I wish for you to find your true self, peace, love, and kindness. You are a luminous soul, Travel Light & Infinite…..


May you be Happy

May you be Whole

May you be Peaceful

May you be Loved




Peace, Love, & Roses,

Ashley Rose


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Olga Maria

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