There’s A Secret Down Every Waterway In Venice


Venice is one of the most popular places to visit in Italy. Every year, twenty million tourists flock to this city. It has also been used for many works of film and indeed music. It’s the inspiration for artists all over the world. But do you know the secrets that lie along the waterways of this floating city? Well, you’re about to discover them, and we think once you learn the true wonders, you’ll definitely want to book a trip here yourself.


Crazy Beautiful

burano italy colorful housesPic Via Flickr


When you hop in a Gondola and travel down the waterways, you’ll notice that much of the architecture and design work seems to be trapped in a time bubble. Indeed, everything from Venice seems to come from a different age, and it is quite remarkable. However, it’s not nearly as incredible as when you stumble across the one place in Venice that looks colorful and contemporary. Burano, a small island of Venice is rare and indeed unique because all the homes here have been painted beautiful bright colors. They look absolutely stunning and are sure to attract the attention of tourists visiting this part of the city. It’s a little mad but also quite endearing.


Hidden Food Wonders

food wondersPic Source


Even the best food in Venice is hidden. If you want to find it, we suggest that you consider taking a Venice food gondola ride. Here, an expert will take you to the best places to wine and dine. Some of which are only accessible via the waterways. You can also explore the Rialto market. It’s a wondrous place with fresh seafood that you can take home and prepare yourself. But even if you’re not planning to buy, you can still sample the food and enjoy the atmosphere.

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Not All Secrets Lie In The City



There’s an island, just half a mile off the coast of the Venice capital. Its history is shrouded within the darkness of long remembered tales. It’s an incredible place to visit, if not just to discover the terrifyingly bleak atmosphere. Indeed, you’ll find that people only talk about this place in hushed whispers and there is the feeling of a deep mourning. If you visit the Island yourself, you’ll discover it’s dark past, but it’s a strictly off limit to the public. As such, the closest you can get is a guided boat tour. However, you may not want to get any closer. A couple of years ago, a few tourists decided to trek there and spend the night. They were rescued from an unknown force, and while sceptics may doubt their tale, ghost hunters are drawn to this island every year.

Tick Tock

Clock Tower ItalyImage Credit


St. Mark’s Clock Tower is one of the more typical tourist spots. Its splendid exterior causes many tourists to stop and stare up at it in wonder. However, if you really want to appreciate this clock, commissioned in the 1400s, head on inside. A guided tour will allow you to discover the inner workings of this masterpiece and it’s actually rather incredible. Certainly, it will be like nothing you have seen before.

We hope this helps you discover the secrets of this remarkable city.


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