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The Ultimate Weekend in Venice Guide: A perfect Girlfriend’s getaway


The Ultimate Weekend in Venice Guide: A perfect Girlfriend’s getaway

Venice, Italy is known for being one of the most romantic cities in the world. But that does not mean you can only go here with a significant other, it is also super enjoyable and a great experience with your best girlfriend. There is so much to see, do, and eat in Venice and experiencing all of this with your chosen sister is sure to result in a fantastic visit to Venice.

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy and is amongst Positano as the most photogenic! As a result, it is a fantastic travel destination for capturing those picture perfect buildings and surrounding with the best company you could ask for.

You two can eat gelato together, take friendship goal photos, eat pizza, and share some special moments and memories that will last a lifetime. There is no need to save visiting Venice for when you are in a relationship; it is time to explore beautiful Italy with your best girlfriend.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, it’s time to take the plunge and head to Italy with a travel buddy who knows you and is there for you no matter what. Here is the ultimate guide to visiting Venice with your best girlfriend.


Visit the Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is Venice’s largest and most famous canal. It is wide enough to be a river and is Venice’s central transportation canal making it always full of gondolas, boats and water taxis. The grand canal is beautiful to walk along to admire the blue waters and water traffic. The whole canal is lined with pastel-colored, picturesque houses from the 13th century.

Visiting the grand canal is perfect for a peaceful walk with your best friend while checking out the city. There are also some places to sit and various restaurants along the canal that are great if you prefer to sit and look at the waterway.

Exploring the Canals Venice Italy

Take photos on the Rialto Bridge

The Rialto Bridge is the most famous bridge in Venice that connects the two sides of the city over the Grand Canal. It is made with beautiful white stone and is complete with ornate details. The Rialto Bridge is one of the most iconic spots in Venice that deserves a visit.

The view from the top of the steps is breathtaking; therefore, you should take some time to capture a few stunning photos of each other. In the background, beyond the bridge are various colorful houses and the grand canal stretching into the distance.

Rialto Bridge is a top-rated attraction within Venice and becomes packed with people throughout the day. Therefore, I suggest heading to it early in the morning to capture some photos without others getting in the way, and to see the bridge itself in its naked glory.

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Rialto Bridge Venice Italy

Be awed at St. Mark’s Square

St. Mark’s Square is a vast piazza in Venice that is surrounded by stunning architecture and historical buildings. It is the most famous and visited square in Venice that holds a powerful significance.

There are a plethora of essential buildings in this piazza for you to feast your eyes on and admire. These include St. Marks Basilica, Doge’s Palace, St. Marks Campanile and Torre dell’ Orologio. All these buildings are architecturally brilliant and fabulous to look at.

You and your best friend can spend quite a bit of time just roaming this huge piazza and marveling at the buildings. However, this is the most popular location in all of Venice and gets pretty hectic.


Enter St. Marks Basilica

St. Marks Basilica is the most famous and religiously significant building within St. Mark’s square. More so, this is the most important religious building in Northern Italy! The stunning designs and religious importance make it a significant symbol of Venice and entering it should be at the top of your to-do list.

St. Marks was constructed in 1902, and the interior and exterior of it are in perfect condition. The exterior is full of ornate details, gold accents, and hand painted artwork. Moreover, the interior is even grander. It is full of real marble, Renaissance paneling, and gold painted mosaics covering all the walls and ceilings that depict old legends of the apostles.

View from Gritti Palace Venice Italy

Go on a Food and Wine Tour

One of the best things about Italy is Italian food and Italian wine. There is no better way to combine these two fantastic things than through a Venice food and wine tour! Venice is home to a bunch of different tours in the city to choose from that all offer exceptional options.

The tours bring you to local Venice restaurants, cafes, and pastry shops that capture the essence and heart of Venetian food culture. Also, you and your best friend will learn so much about not only food and wine, but also Venetian culture, history, and what it’s like to live in the city.

Have classy drinks at the Gritti Palace

The Gritti Palace is a luxurious hotel located in the heart of Venice. This hotel also has a restaurant attached to it that is amazing! It has an outdoor terrace that is super beautiful and classy, and it has a stunning view of Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute.

Drinks here can be a little costly, but if you are your best friend split a bottle of wine, it can work out to be around 20 euros each. For the fantastic service and breathtaking view, this is worth it.

Explore the Canals

Walking around the Venice canals and getting lost down hidden alleys and finding secret bridges and beautiful buildings is one of the best things to do in Venice. The city of Venice is stunning and no matter where you go you will find something gorgeous.

Spending some time with your friend to walk around the canals and discover the city together is one of the most exceptional experiences. This is also a fun time to snap some photos of you two!

Best friends Girls Getaway in Venice Italy

Indulge in some Italian Food

As previously mentioned, Italian food is the best, and it is even better in the country in which it originates! Therefore, while in Venice, you get a free pass to dish out on all the pasta, pizza, bread, and Caprese salad you desire. This is a time for you and your best friend to unwind and let loose. Enjoy a full meal and have a few glasses of red wine with it.

Italian Food Venice Italy

Check out a Carnival Mask Store

One of Venice’s annual traditions is to host a giant Carnival celebration in February that attracts over 3 million people from around the world. This celebration involves people dressing up in crazy, eccentric masks while going on a parade around the city streets. This is a significant celebration in Venice that is very ingrained in Venetian culture and highly celebrated.

As a result, there are a plethora of mask stores and stands all around the city. Some tourist stands sell low-cost carnival masks, but there are some stores hidden within the tiny Venice alleys that sell authentic masks, and the masks in the authentic stores are out of this world! There is a wide variety, and they are all amazingly made. Some of them are so big and grand they cost hundreds of euros!

Heading into a carnival store and trying on a few of the crazy masks with your best friend is a fun way to see one of Venice’s most famous traditions while having a laugh with your friend.


Go on an Amazing Gondola Ride

Many people are under the impression that Gondola rides are only for couples; however, this is not the case. Taking a ride in a Gondola is the ultimate quintessential activity to do in Venice. This romantic Venetian tradition is not just reserved for couples, but for anyone who wants to see the city from the canals and to go on a journey they will never forget.

Going on a Gondola ride is the top thing you have to do in Venice. It is not the most budget-friendly option in the world, but it an experience and memory that will last a lifetime. However, if you are price sensitive try to avoid going in the evening because prices increase during these hours.

A Gondola ride lasts around one hour (depending on the option you choose) and will take you wherever you desire. Gondola rides are the best way to see Venice and immerse yourself in Venetian traditions that date back hundreds of years.

Did you know that centuries ago gondolas were the main form of transportation in Venice and over 10,000 gondolas were navigating the canals at a time? While today there are only around 500 gondolas on the canals at a time.

This is a one of a kind experience that will bond you are your best friend forever!


Eat ice-cream for Breakfast

When visiting Venice, you can do and eat whatever you want. So, if you want to be a little crazy, go to one of the many gelato shops in the city and grab some ice-cream for breakfast. This is a fun way to start the day, and you can’t even argue with it because why would gelato shops be open at 8 AM if they didn’t want you to buy some?

tiramisu for breakfast Venice

Surprise each other with a unique souvenir

After a travel experience in the beautiful city of Venice, it is nice to get a little souvenir to bring home to represent the adventure forever. However, you didn’t experience this alone, and the trip would not have been even half as fun if it hadn’t been for your best friend. So, this is the perfect time to show each other how much this trip meant to one another by getting a small souvenir gift for each other.

Right beside Rialto Bridge is a bunch of souvenirs stands with items ranging from postcards, to masks, to trinkets and more! Both of you should go and pick something out that you think best represents the trip and exchange them later in the day.

This is a super fun idea that makes souvenir shopping a little more fun!


Venice is more than just a romantic getaway. It is full of culture, history, and activities that will bring you are your best girlfriend even closer together. It is time to experience one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with some even more attractive company.

Have you ever been to Venice? Share your experience with us below.

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