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Travel The World: One Country From Every Continent You Must Visit


Some of us can be a little guilty of travel discrimination. This isn’t really a thing, I just made it up on the spot! All I mean is that we start traveling to the same places and areas all the time. Sure, we go there because we know what it’s like and we know we’ll have great experiences. But, there’s a whole world out there for you to explore!

Staying on this train of thought, I’ve created a short guide that can help you travel around the world. All you have to do is visit one country from every continent. With so many options available, how do you choose which ones to visit? Well, here are my picks, and I think you’ll enjoy them all:

Europe: Italy

There are loads of amazing countries in Europe that I could’ve picked to put on this list. Spain, Iceland, Hungary, and France all deserve honorable mentions, but Italy takes the top spot. It’s home to so many beautiful sights and iconic places. There’s the stunning Northern region of Italy where you have Lake Garda and Lake Como, along with mountainous areas that make it ideal for both summer and winter vacations. Then, there are coastal spots to the South along the legendary Amalfi Coast – and who can forget Tuscany, home to find wine and stunning views everywhere. Of course, you also have amazing cities like Venice, Rome, Milan, Verona, and Pompeii. To make things even better, seeing as it’s such a popular destination, there are loads of great vacation deals all the time, making it easier to get a fantastic travel experience while you’re there. The best way I can describe Italy is that it’s a country full of hundreds of different holidays. There is nothing you won’t experience when you go there – oh, and the food is absolutely amazing too!

amalfi coast latinas in italyAmalfi Coast, Italy. Source

Africa: South Africa

Again, there were a lot of countries to consider for the African place on my list. Egypt and Morocco both made strong claims, but it was South Africa that pipped them to the finish. This is a country that’s so full of history, making it an eye-opening travel destination for anyone going there. It’s also home to some of the most beautiful cities on earth; Johannesburg and Cape Town. Cape Town is an absolute must, it’s full of amazing natural sights and stunning wildlife. There are so many different things to do in this country, from safaris to settling down on one of the white sandy beaches on the coast; it has something for everyone.

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The incomparable Camps Bay beach beneath the Twelve Apostles. Photo by @mrcalv #ThisIsSouthAfrica

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Asia: Thailand

The more I started to think about this list, the harder it got. You always feel like you’re missing out some great countries, so it’s tough to pick just one from every continent. In Asia, I had so many amazing places to choose from, but I opted for Thailand. It’s probably the backpacking capital of the world as so many people go there. This in itself should prove it’s a worthy vacation destination! You can explore the deep Buddhist culture by seeing some jaw-dropping temples, or experience the wild Bangkok nightlife. Then, there are so many serene and peaceful islands that hold many of the world’s best off the grid beaches. It’s a great place to unwind and take in a new culture.

North America: Canada

When it comes to the best North American travel destination, then people can get really defensive about their home country. While the US is vast and has loads of incredible cities, and there are so many amazing Latin American countries, it’s Canada that comes out on top. This country offers the perfect vacation at any time of the year. Go during the winter for a snowy experience like no other, and venture there in hotter months for a warm and vibrant scene. What I like most is that the country contrasts itself so much. Big cities like Toronto and Montreal have everything you need from an urban paradise, while other areas are quite remote and more peaceful.


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Three ways to explore the waterways of Edmonton: 👟🚲 Walk or cycle across the Walterdale Bridge (pictured here). 🍴 Grab a bite at delicious riverside restaurants like the @thebutternuttree. 🛥️ Cruise down the North Saskatchewan River with @EdmontonRiverBoat. #ExploreCanada 📷: @raymond_dam_ 📍: @ExploreEdmonton, @travelAlberta . Trois façons de découvrir les cours d’eau d’Edmonton : 👟🚲 Traversez à pied ou à vélo le pont Walterdale (en photo). 🍴 Régalez-vous dans un délicieux restaurant riverain, comme @thebutternuttree. 🛥️ Descendez la rivière Saskatchewan Nord avec @EdmontonRiverBoat. #ExploreEdmonton #ExploreAlberta 📷: @raymond_dam_ 📍: @ExploreEdmonton, @travelAlberta

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South America: Peru

Peru is such a special place that everyone should try and visit in their lifetime. It’s home to one of the Wonders of the World; Machu Picchu, along with the gorgeous Lake Titicaca. It’s a country that’s absolutely full of beautiful sights and scenes, as well as some amazing locals as well. The food is fantastic, the weather can be bliss, and it’s a real experience-based vacation destination. Go here with a backpack, some hiking boots, and an open mind.

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latinas in peru

Machu Picchu, Peru. Source

Australia/Oceania: Australia

When it comes to this continent, Australia is the perfect place to go. It’s jampacked full of amazing cities, beautiful beaches, and some of the best coffee in the world as well. There’s a vibrant arts & culture scene in the big cities, and it’s a country synonymous with surfing and wildlife. For me, this is the perfect place to go for a couple of weeks during the Australian summer – which happens to be during winter time in the Northern Hemisphere. You can top up your tan and have a whole load of fun while you’re at it.

latinas in australia

Sydney, Australia. Source


Antarctica is a continent that doesn’t have any countries, so that pretty much limits your choices! It’s not somewhere you’ll pull up and stay at for a few days in a nice hotel. Most vacations here are done on cruises around the different islands. This in itself is a worthy experience as you’re seeing part of the world that hardly anyone has seen. Plus, this continent has some of the best natural features you will ever see. The icebergs are stunning, the water is a deep blue, and the animals are breathtaking. You can book a cruise around Antarctica that lets you see penguins, seals, and so much more!

This concludes our short tour of the world. If you want to broaden your travel experiences, then you should look to explore every continent on planet earth. This will help you see so many different things and get a glimpse of multiple cultures. Start your journey by visiting every country on this list. After that, you can start going to some of the runners-up that didn’t quite make it on the list above!

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Wildlife in Antarctica. Source


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