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Traveling Smart When You’re A Hotel Hater


Traveling Smart When You’re A Hotel Hater

Maybe it’s because of how pricey they can be, maybe it’s because all the rooms you’ve stayed in in the past have been a right state – no matter the reason behind your hatred of hotels, it’s forcing you to stay home when you’d much rather be soaring through the air on your next trip to a different continent!

And that’s just not right, is it? We all should be able to travel, especially when we’re struck by wanderlust, and a dislike of the most popular accommodation type shouldn’t hold you back from this. After all, there are many other accommodation types you can take to, and a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when you’re left with no other option than a local, boutique hotel to stay in. And without further ado, here’s what you need to know. 

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Don’t Go in Blind

The first thing to do, and this is a big part of ensuring your accommodation experience is what you want it to be, is to check out reviews of the hotel you’re going to be staying in. Do a bit of digging, and make sure that the place you’re headed to has the right amount of stars, and plenty of glowing feedback. And if any friends or family have used the hotel, and it’s come recommended, ask them about their worst experience while staying there. 

One or two bad reviews doesn’t have to put you off, but make sure you take stock of what they say – they could very well be trying to tell the world what the hotel is like on a bad day, and you have to decide whether or not you’re comfortable with that. Most of all, keep an eye out for reviews that mention dirty hotel rooms, or less than sanitary bathrooms, as you’re definitely going to want to steer clear of establishments that have a history with skipping the after stay cleaning service! 

Pack/Buy Your Own Hotel Provided Items

Buying, and/or packing, your own hotel provided items is a great way to become less reliant on the accommodation you hate to stay in. It means you’ll always have something of your own to work with, and you won’t have to dry yourself down after a shower with a hotel provided towel that’s questionable in cleanliness. 

You could also bring along a battery power bank, to charge your phone with, just in case there is no more than one socket in your room. If you’re sharing a twin with a friend or relative, this can cut your vacation satisfaction down by at least half. 

Similarly, if you take along a wifi dongle or portable station of your own, you won’t have to rely on slow or simply non-working hotel wifi. This is the number one complaint amongst all hotel frequenters, and if you’re a hotel hater yourself, it’s definitely at the top of your list as well! 

Look into Private Accommodation Options

There are plenty of private accommodation options on the market when you’re traveling, and looking into these ahead of time can cut out the stress of not liking the hotel your travel partners have convinced you to stay in. It could also provide you with a proper accommodation backup plan, just in case. 

Indeed, apps like AirBnB make it much easier to find a nearby private, secure, and comfortable suite of rooms to stay in, or you could use local real estate websites to find a private apartment for rent in kuching, if you’re headed there. If you just take 10 minutes now to do some research, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle later on – you certainly won’t be trawling the streets at 10pm with suitcase in hand! 

All in all, when it comes to traveling abroad, you’ve got to do it in the way you’re most comfortable with. And if you don’t like hotels, there are plenty of other places you could stay, including the privately rented accommodation we’ve mentioned, as well as couch surfing if you have a friend who lives abroad, or becoming a vacation home tenant for a couple of weeks. 

So, in Conclusion

If you’re someone who’d much rather steer clear of hotels altogether, because you’ve had one too many bad experiences, traveling doesn’t have to become a real hassle for you. There are plenty of alternatives to check into, and if you hate having to use things like hotel provided towels, you can always pack your own!

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