Visiting The Most Beautiful Places From The Best Television Shows


We all love binging a television series now and again. We can only invest ourselves in a story for a certain amount of time before we think ‘what if I actually visited this place?’ Seeing some of the fixtures from your favorite television shows can come as quite a novel exploration to guide your next vacation time, especially if you’re struggling for ideas.

Of course, there are better and worse ways to do it. Those who’ve seen Breaking Bad will be sad to know that the infamous home that served as Walter White’s home is now being harassed. This isn’t anything serious, but it shows the dark side of fame tourism. A main character throws a pizza on the roof in a gripping and famous episode of the show, and despite a real person living there, it has become an internet joke to ensure a pizza is thrown on top at least once a week. But we know you’re not this kind of tourist. That means we’re comfortable sharing with you the filming locations of some of the best televisions to enjoy. Consider the following:

Visiting The Most Beautiful Places From The Best Television Shows boat house

Justified – Kentucky

Justified is an excellent police procedural drama showcasing Kentucky and its colorful culture in someone of a fantasized light. The beautiful open spaces, the southern twang, the gorgeous food and the cultural openness is all explored in this show with a real love for this environment. Some of the show was filmed in California, but suburban Kentucky was often returned to and forms the basis of the shows setting, and many of the landmarks to be found here can be access in a few days of lazy driving around this wonderful environment. We’d recommend starting your excursion by stopping at a hotel in Newport, Kentucky, and making your way from there.

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kentucky usa

Twin Peaks – Washington

Twin Peaks, a very famous show known for its bizarre characterization, disjointed plot and exquisite atmosphere is a true fan favorite for those interested in Lynch and his works. The majority of the show was filmed five miles south of Canada, in the towns of Snoqualmie, North Bend and Fall City Washington. These beautiful locations, as idyllic as they are quiet, have become something of a famous visiting ground for tourists looking to see those beautiful douglas firs for themselves. These towns have managed to join along with the fun, opening cafes such as the ‘Double R’ and ‘Damn Fine Coffee’ both places and phrases referenced in the show.

snoqualmie town twin peaks washington usa

Downton Abbey, Hampshire

Downton Abbey was popular in the United Kingdom, but stunning popular in the United States. This regal and period depiction of British life connected to many interested in the cultural exploration of this time, and you can see the exact filming locations featured in Hampshire, England, a quiet country with plenty going for it. Tours for the manor are available and the local towns are very aware of the shows success, again celebrating with accommodations for tourists truly worth experiencing. If you love your period dramas, there is certainly plenty for you here.

downton abbey hampshire Highclere Castle

With these simple, unique suggestions, finding somewhere you may love to travel can be a wonderful idea for you and your family.


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