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3 Ways To Find Peace on your Vacations This Summer

3 Ways To Find Peace on your vacations This Summer - latinas who travel

3 Ways To Find Peace on your Vacations This Summer

Some find excitement heading on extreme sports vacations. Some enjoy laying next to the beach with a few cocktails and melting into a deckchair. Some prefer culturally enriching journeys, those that stimulate an intellect and keep the person in question active, happy and interested in the world around them.

Some prefer to find peace on their vacations. This doesn’t necessarily mean ignoring the previously listed forms of vacation, as every person is different. However, with the following suggestions, you could truly find time to relax, unwind and open up from the stresses of your normal working life.

3 Ways To Find Peace on your Vacations This Summer - latina traveler
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Yoga Retreat

A meditation and yoga retreat can certainly help you reduce the cobwebs that might have grown in your mental space as of yet. Not only does the meditation help you purify your mind, but you can be sure that practicing yoga will help you feel a little more flexible and light in your physical space. In addition, Yoga can help you sleep better, if not you can also try a different method such as, reflexology for insomnia.

A yoga retreat also takes the form of many lessons, meaning that you are intellectually stimulated during your time here. Just be sure to head to a cultural location dedicated to true yoga, such as that offered by Bodhi Delmar. Quality is always important to invest in when it comes to a retreat such as this, and you’re sure to experience the difference.


It might not be that you’re a religious person, but you could still heavily benefit from experiencing a gentle pilgrimage retreat. Luckily, many of them needn’t be in the vein of a certain religion. For example, the Santiago de Camino walk across Northern Spain is one of the most important Christian pilgrimages in history, but you’d be mistaken to think only Christians can exercise this, or even pay attention to any of the iconographies.

The wonderful trek is of a distance that lends itself to quiet introspection and meditation, even if traveling with a walking group. To do this is a wonderful experience, and can lend itself to the ‘right of passage’ perspective you might consider to be essential to grow.

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For a more personal experience, we’d recommend a trip down memory lane. Many people move away from their homes as they develop in personal and professional life, and some move entire countries. It might be wise to simply head back to the place you are so familiar with from your childhood and see how the town has changed.

Then, do so with your partner. This lends itself to a wonderful time where you both find out about one another and care deeply for the life story of each. This helps you also reflect on your growth and personality over the years, and as such can be an excellent and peaceful time. Also, if you don’t live too far away from the location, it can serve as a cheap prequel to a wonderful vacation in celebration of a particular event.


With these efforts in mind, you can be sure to experience a wonderful and peaceful vacation this summer. That’s nothing less than you deserve.

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