Lavish Travel Treats Every Girl Should Splash Out On Occasionally


You are all about that Instagram worthy travel life; snapping pictures in luxurious destinations and making all of your followers totally jealous is something you thrive on. You will always love to travel in style especially when it involves exploring new destinations with some of your best friends. Recently, you have all been saving up a lot of money for your next travel adventure. You want to do something lavish and luxurious this year, without having to even consider the price tag. You all work extremely hard for your money so going on extravagant trips like this is your well-deserved treat for hustling hard. Here is a tribe of terrific travel treats that will make your next holiday a super special one.

The Beautiful Boat Life

Take the plunge and buy a holiday boat that will provide you and your best friends with a lifetime of options. Make sure you look into the ideal type for your needs and research the best boat covers to keep it fully protected when you’re not around. You once believed this was an unreachable goal, but buying a boat it well within your luxury dreams. A boat holiday is always the perfect way to spend quality time with your girlfriends and you could be saving a tonne of money in the long run if you just invested in your own.

boat life

The Joys of Jet Setting

The next time you are planning a trip abroad, forget booking onto a commercial flight, why not charter a private jet? Between you and your besties you will be easily be able to afford a luxury sky high trip to your next hotspot. A private jet is way more than a journey; it is an experience that will kick off your vacation in style. It is something you don’t get to do every day too, so consider it your next mode of transportation.

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jetsetting in style

The Sensational Suites

Although girly sleepovers are fun, it’s time to stop sharing a simple room with twin beds. Upgrade your accommodation to receive the five star treatment and indulge in a beautiful suite. Your mini bar will be stocked full of goodies, the room service will just keep coming and you will be able to rest your head in ultimate comfort and luxury.

luxury pool travel

The Starlet Shopping Spree

A vacation isn’t complete without a superstar shopping spree, as if you were starring in a Hollywood movie. Forget your credit card limit and indulge in the things you have always wanted. Whether that’s a designer handbag, a couture dress or a custom made bikini; go wild in the shops and buy a new suitcase to bring it all home with you!

shopping travel style

You and your friends deserve to be treated like queens on your next vacation. When you have worked so hard to earn the extra money for a luxury trip you have to go all out, with no expenses spared. Live that jet set lifestyle, shop till you drop and club together to buy a beautiful boat which will give you that luxury life forever! This year is all about the girl power so live with no regrets and enjoy every element of your travels.


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